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Learning Outcomes

When entering the backcountry, it is important to be able to react and adapt to the environment around you! This Level 2 Course will teach you to use local avalanche advisory as well as other available resources, but more importantly, to create an avalanche hazard assessment without the aid of such materials. It will enable you to gain a deeper understanding of avalanche information, triggering, and release mechanisms, including links to avalanche problems, and thus allow you to recognize and manage risk effectively. By the end of the course you will be able to apply tools for planning, decision making, and travel with consideration of group risk management and awareness of safe margins, utilising effective communication, consistent record keeping and prioritizing relevancy of observations and snowpack tests. You will be able to link season weather history and relevant snowpack processes to review snowpack structure and layering, as well as practice travel protocols to mitigate risk exposure in a variety of avalanche terrain situations.