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Ramp up your riding skills so you can have more fun out on the trail. We’ve partnered with Fluidride, a Seattle-based mountain biking instructional school founded by former pro downhill racer Simon Lawton, to offer countless hours of free online instruction for our customers.


Ramp up your riding skills so you can have more fun out on the trail. We’ve partnered with Fluidride, a Seattle-based mountain biking instructional school founded by former pro downhill racer Simon Lawton, to offer countless hours of free online instruction for our customers.

Using Your Controls

One of the best ways to get started mountain biking is to practice using your controls so that you can use them subconsciously.

Cornering Basics

Learning correct cornering technique will make riding exponentially safer and more fun. Practice turning and add in progressive steps until you're dipping and pressuring your outside foot while rotating your hips and vision through the turn.

Rolling Over Obstacles

Lifting the wheel can be useful in a variety of scenarios on the trail, from softening the jolt of a rock or root on the trail, or getting over an obstacle while climbing. It's also a great way to practice general body control over the bike.

Hitting the Trail

After you establish a solid foundation practicing basic mountain bike skills individually, it’s time to combine your skills, put them to the test, and hit the trail for your first ride. Go for a comfortable trail ride or build yourself a circuit! Practice shifting, using your dropper post, cornering, and both front and rear wheel lifts. Start at a slower speed where you feel extra confident, then slowly step it up.

Active Pumping

Active pumping on a mountain bike allows the riders to accelerate the bike without pedaling, even on flat terrain. This is done by compressing the bike through dips in the terrain with the correct timing. Most often you’ll do this in trail sections where you’re moving slowly or it is too rough to pedal.

Passive Pumping

With active pumping, you’re looking at the terrain and actively creating its shape. Riders often over-process terrain, trying to look at every single little bump, rock, and root on the trail. This can be not only physically exhausting but also mentally exhausting. Passive pumping is when the rider lets the bike pivot freely underneath them, letting it respond to the terrain naturally.


Braking is one of the most commonly overlooked skills! The ability to modulate your brakes correctly, and know when to use them, allows you to carry more speed confidently and reduce crashes.


Pre-turns are a great way to step up your riding game! They come in handy everywhere from switchback turns to getting through technical sections more easily. Pre-turns are when the rider adds a turn prior to the final turn, seamlessly linking them together.

Loose Corners

Riding loose corners will really help all aspects of your riding, including giving you confidence on ground where you have good traction and control. Go out and give this some practice, start off a little more slowly, and then work your way up to speed, and before you know it you’ll be ripping loose turns and really ripping ground where you have great traction!

Off-Camber Turns

Off-camber turns (the opposite of "banked" or "bermed" turns) are sloped such that the outside of the turn sits lower than the inside, making traction more difficult. These turns can be some of the hardest turns for riders and are even more challenging than a flat turn.


Ever wondered how to whip on a mountain bike? Mountain bike whips are both stylish and functional. They look cool, but they can also allow riders to hit a jump faster and scrub excess speed off the lip.


Manuals are a great tool on the trail, as well as a fun way to show off your style! Even a small manual (without getting to the balance point) can help you move more seamlessly through terrain. Mountain bike manuals are an advanced skill and take time to develop but will be super helpful.

About Fluidride

Fluidride is a world-class mountain bike instructional school, located in Seattle, WA. Their elite instructors will help you learn to mountain bike and progress into a faster, more stylish rider, quickly and safely - guaranteed. Fluidride offers classes and clinics for riders of all experience levels, from beginners to professionals.

Meet Your Instructor: Simon Lawton

Following his own Pro Downhill mountain bike racing career, Simon spent the last 25 years analyzing the top riders in the world to understand the finest details that contribute to their greatest successes, alongside any weaknesses that are holding them back. With an exceptional understanding of kinesiology, Simon has developed his own teaching curriculum that explains the incredible relationship between human and machine. He has trained top pro mountain bike racers around the world, and his foundational techniques apply equally to beginner riders. His on-bike drills allow you to break down complex skills on the bike and develop correct techniques.

Meet Your Instructor: Jane Simmons

Jane Simmons is a Fluidride instructor with big dreams to empower people in mountain biking through confidence-inspiring coaching and support. Jane has experience educating diverse groups of women and has helped many reach new levels of skill and passion. Throughout her mountain biking career, Jane has participated in numerous enduro and cross-country races, helped coach a high school team, and organized community events. As a mother to an energetic toddler, Jane embodies passion, self-motivation, and community.

Meet Your Instructor: Linnea Rooke

An accomplished pro racer in both downhill and enduro, Linnea is excited to help other riders boost their own skills and confidence on the bike. As the head of operations for Fluidride, Linnea adds efficiency and humanity to everything she does. Prior to Fluidride, she spent 10 years in healthcare focusing on public health, project management, customer success, and health technology. Linnea is now continuing her passion for improving people's health, well-being, and happiness through the modality of mountain biking. She is driven to bring world-class coaching and inspiration to riders around the world.

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