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Learn to Skate with Us

We're here to get you rolling. Drop into our instructional video series and learn the fundamentals of skateboarding. We'll show you how to do everything from stepping on your board to landing your first kickflip.

Step on, Push & Cruise

What’s up skaters! Feelin’ nervous? It’s okay - we’ll start at the very beginning and take it slow. In Episode 1, we’ll show you how to step on and off your skateboard with some helpful and safe ways to try. From there, you’ll build on that skill by learning to push. Then we'll show you how to cruise around!

Pop Ups, Flippy Uppys & Body Varial

In Episode 2, we’ll focus on a few introductory tricks to help you build confidence and get comfortable on your board. First up is the classic Pop Up, which will come in handy every time you need to grab your board. Then we’ll get into the Flippy Uppy, or the Flip Start, and show you some safe ways to learn it. Finally, we’ll progress to a Body Varial.

Drop Down, Tic Tac & Fire Walk

In Episode 3, we’ll look at a skill that will unlock drop-in’s in the future - the Drop Down. We’ll show you safe ways to practice and get comfortable with this maneuver before moving into Tic Tacs and Fire Walks. These three fun skills will help you increase your board feel and overall confidence on deck!

Flippy Uppy 180, Grab & Primo Drop

In Episode 4, we’ll build on the Flippy Uppy by showing you how to add a 180 by combining another trick from Episode 2, the Body Varial. From there, we’ll show you some basic grabs that you can do while rolling around on your board. Finally, we'll cover the Primo Drop which is a classic freestyle move.

Sidewalks & Curbs

In Episode 5, we’ll show you tricks to help you get comfortable cruising around, including running and jumping on your skateboard. We'll also give you some tips for riding on sidewalks and rolling off curbs. This video will make you look at your neighborhood in a whole new light!

Ollie, Shove It (Part 1) & Manual

Episode 6 teaches you Ollies, Shove Its and Manuals. The Ollie is the most foundational trick in street-style skateboarding. Through a progression of steps and lots of practice you too can learn to Ollie. From there, we’ll build on Shove Its and Manuals. These are all fun tricks you can do at the park, on the sidewalk or anywhere else your skateboard takes you!

Nollie & Half Cab

In Episode 7, we’ll cover the different stances of Regular and Goofy, as well as the ways of riding like Fakie, Switch, and Nollie. Building on riding Fakie, you’ll learn the Half-Cab and an easy way to process through it with the skills you learned in previous episodes.

Boneless, Hippie Jump & Powerslide

Alright, it’s time to expand your bag of tricks with some new ones that are fun to pull out from time to time. In Episode 8, we’ll introduce you to the Boneless and different variations of tricks with your foot on the ground. From there, we dive into Hippie Jumps and how to make a set up with things you can find around the house. Finally, channel your inner surfer or snowboarder with a Powerslide. It’s a rad way to slow down and makes an even radder noise!

Ollie on, 180 & Shove It (Part 2)

Episode 9 expands on our foundational tricks with a great breakdown on how to Ollie onto features. This will be key as you eventually work up to manualing pads, boardslides on rails, and beyond! Speaking of boardslides, you’ll need to rotate in order to slide the rail so here are some tips on how to do a 180. Finally, we go back to Shove Its, but this time with the trucks back on, and dive into some common fixes to make sure your Shove Its are smooth as butter.

Kickflip, Heelflip, and beyond

Learning Kickflips and Heelflips takes lots of practice and lots of patience. In Episode 10, we build off of everything you’ve learned so far and break down what is actually happening each step of the way on these tricks. With these tips and lots of determination, you’ll be on the way to landing your first Kickflip and Heelflip. Don’t forget - it’s a marathon, not a sprint!

About Skate Like a Girl

Founded in 2000 by Holly Sheehan and Fleur Larsen, Skate Like a Girl is one of our longest-standing community impact partners. This nonprofit is on a mission to create an inclusive community where all skaters, especially young women and/or trans people, can grow into strong, confident leaders who promote and implement social equity.

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Alexa Berriochoa

Alexa grew up with a passion for skateboarding from a young age. Not knowing if there was space in the community for her after coming out as trans, she decided to stop skating. She started again when she discovered the welcoming spaces for women and trans people provided by Skate Like a Girl’s events such as Wheels of Fortune and their weekly Women and/or Trans sessions. Inspired by this new inclusive environment which she’d never seen within skate culture, Alexa has since dedicated herself to empowering people from marginalized communities through skateboarding.

Kristin Ebeling

Kristin Ebeling is a professional skateboarder for Meow Skateboards and the Executive Director of Skate Like a Girl. Impacted as a teenager by the organization’s programs and mentors, Kristin has dedicated her life to providing those same experiences to other non-traditional skateboarders in Seattle, and beyond!

Join the crew! There are a variety of ways to hop on board with Skate Like a Girl.

Created for All Skaters

We invite you to come skate with us at All Together Skatepark Seattle and Salt Lake City. Our parks offer a positive environment for skaters of all ages and ability levels.

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