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Connelly Water Ski Size Chart

 Model Length (in) Rider Weight (lbs)Binding Location (in)
DV865Up to 14028.375
DV868180 and Up29.875
GT-R65Up to 14028.375
GT-R68180 and Up29.875
Carbon V65Up to 16028.125
Carbon V67160-20029.125
Carbon V69200 and Up30.0625
V65Up to 16028.125
V69200 and Up30.0625
Concept - Men's64Up to 14029.25
Concept - Men's66140-18030.50
Concept - Men's68180 and Up31.375
Concept - Women's64Up to 14029.25
Concept - Women's66145 and Up30.50
Aspect - Men's65Up to 18028.125
Aspect - Men's67180-22029.125
Aspect - Men's69220 and Up31.0625
Aspect - Women's 65Up to 15028.125
Aspect - Women's67140 and Up29.125
HP66Up to 18030.5625
HP70220 and Up32.25
Prodigy62Up to 12028.625
Outlaw65Up to 18029.875
Outlaw69210 and Up31.8125
Big Daddy550³220 and Up28.6875³

Connelly Water Ski Size Chart - Combos

ModelLength (in)Rider Weigth (lbs)Foot Size
Shortline67Most WeightsOne Size Fits Most
Eclypse67Up to 275One Size Fits Most
Voyage64Up to 150Foot Size 9-14
Voyage68120 and UpFoot Size 9-14
Quantum68135-240Foot Size 9-14
Super Sport - Kids'55Up to 135Foot Size 4-9
Cadet - Kids'45Up to 801-4
Firecracker - Kids'48Up to 851-4