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Swift Adventure Co.

Welcome to bicycle travel guided by Swift. If you’re imagining full kits and hotel touring, now’s the time to hit the brakes and come to a full-stop. Just like you, we’re right at home with our headlamps and puffies, and sleeping outside is icing on any adventure-cake. What we have in store puts you on high mountain gravel, pedaling to fish on snow-fed creeks with no one in sight, and to wander cideries after churning out miles. What waits is fresh shucked oysters, and island-hopping with a roaring fire at camp. It’s nights under the stars and excellent camp meals.

Swift Adventure Co. is a field institute for adventure seekers. We know that traveling by bicycle is a catalyst to deepening our sense-of-place, and opening your eyes to see the world in a whole new way. Nothing beats it!

Jason ‘Goods’ brings fifteen years as a bike mechanic, the skills of a mountaineering guide, and the contagious curiosity of a lifelong learner to all things Swift. Raised by passionate naturalists and never a fit for the conventional classroom, Jason’s curiosity and creativity are unlocked by life outdoors. A degree in Outdoor Education from Prescott College, honed Good’s ability to turn any campground into a classroom, and each trail into a lab. Every spare minute finds Jason fiddling with gear and refining Swift Industries.