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Why do you love wiener dogs so much?
They are sausages with legs and will imprint on you.

What's your weapon of choice?
My Volkl Blaze skis or my mosquito head net.

Why evo?
As a local PNW'er, I have always loved playing in the mountains, waters, and lakes and I am SO excited to get to work with a company where that is the focus! I also love that evo is committed to various community initiatives to help all people of all backgrounds to get outside. So happy to be here!!

A few of my favorite things.
evo's dog friendly office, Greek mythology, the Iditarod, filling up my online shopping cart with skincare products and not buying them, and managing my dachshund's social media account @hachidaween.

How would my friends describe me?
Sometimes, I get the human zoomies.