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2023 Orbea Occam

Orbea Occam

Are You This Rider?

Do your friends ask if you intend to ride the chairlift when you invite them out for a ‘few’ park laps? Do your top routes frequently involve pushing up and down trails that aren’t on any map? Do your favorite rides begin or end with headlamps, a cooler, and great friends? Does your bike have to do everything well to get you there and back again? If you think you might be this rider, then Occam should be your bike.

Orbea Occam Key Details

29" Wheels

Long Travel Models Available

New Two Part LinkageMonocoque Race Carbon or Next-Gen Alu Frame
66° Head Tube Angle / 77° Seat Tube Angle140mm Fork (150mm for LT Models) / 140mm Asym Suspension Design
Sizes: S, M, L, XLLimited Lifetime Frame Warranty

Orbea Monocoque Race (OMR) Carbon or Next Gen Alu Frames

High modulus and high strength fibers are added to the layup to improve stiffness-to-weight ratios. Bladder molding with EPS forms and PU headtube and bottom bracket inserts stop wrinkling and unconformities in critical zones, allowing less carbon to be used while maintaining strength. For aluminum, tubing grain structures are aligned before undergoing an advanced hydroforming process. The welds are polished for a beauitful aesthetic and increased strength.

New Linkage

Occam uses a new two-part linkage design. Fewer pieces mean fewer interfaces, greater rigidity and a lower chance of something working loose. A space was also added to the axle and filled with a handy 4 key multi-tool which is held securely in place with magnets. Always have the most-used tools close at hand for quick tweaks.

Asymmetrical Design

Occam offsets the shock to the left side of the frame, allowing the right-side support to be more central to more efficiently deal with suspension forces acting on the front triangle. This design also increases space for dropper posts and access to the shock controls. Additionally, the tidy design leaves room for a water bottle with easy left-side access.