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The 10 Best Splitboards of 2022-2023

By: Stew Langner: Snowboard Buyer | October 20, 2022


Pushing the boundaries is what snowboarding is all about. With the rise of splitboarding, those boundaries are being pushed more and more literally, with easier access and approachability. Splitboard technology has rapidly caught up to that of traditional snowboards, with shaping, camber profiles, sidecut technology, and lighter hardware and materials closing the gap in board feel and performance. Picking the perfect splitboard now is a lot easier, with no shortage of options in the market. If you’re looking for a powder-hungry rig that is going to let you chase those steep and deep lines, there’s a splitboard for you. Or if you’re itching to get out before the resort opens in variable conditions, there’s an option that will complement the zone you’ve had your eyes on all summer long.

New This Year:

The 2023 splitboard lineup is the best yet for boarders of all levels, operating on all budgets. Whether you’re investing in your first splitboard setup or filling out your quiver to ensure no part of the mountain goes untouched, evo has the lowdown on the best splitboards available. With more lightweight technology and unisex sizing availability, you’re not going to want to miss out on dropping in on a new rig.

Jones Stratos Splitboard 2023

Jones Stratos

We love the Stratos, and we love the backcountry. Ergo, we love the Jones Stratos Splitboard. This all-new split brings the same do anything, go anywhere energy of the solid to an altogether larger alpine canvas. It combines a directional shape with a freestyle board feel for an insanely versatile hybrid shape that's just as comfortable arcing perfect carves as it is slashing pow turns and buttering off backcountry booters. Laid up with Jones' finest tech for optimal performance on the skin track and descent alike, this board will revolutionize your approach to touring.

The Stratos is built for hard-charging, responsive riding in any condition. Thanks to Jones’ Forever Flex, the feel of this splitboard will be right on the money from day 1. Perfect for advanced to expert riders who may find themselves in variable conditions, or ripping down a steep face.

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Season Pass Splitboard 2023

Season Pass - Unisex

If you thought Austin Smith was going to stop at the rope line and let someone else plunder the deep stuff, you thought wrong. The Season Pass Splitboard is a one-way ticket to backcountry nirvana designed to make the most out of life on the skin track. Based on the all-terrain Nexus snowboard, the Season Pass brings powder to the people with a versatile directional twin shape and sizing appropriate for both men and women, young and old. Throw in some pre-cut climbing skins and a durable layup engineered for longevity, and you've got the perfect platform to earn your turns season after season.

Built from the same profile as the pow-hungry Nexus, this shape and sidecut eats up pow like a hungry hog. The Season Pass Splitboard also comes with pre-cut skins to make sure you can get up and get after it right out of the box.

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CAPiTA Mega Split Splitboard 2023

CAPiTA Mega Split

Get on that new new, the CAPiTA Mega Split Splitboard is mega light, mega strong, and mega ready for your big-time adventures. Inspired by their signature Mercury shape, CAPiTA's latest offering is custom engineered to be featherlight without compromising downhill performance, so your day on the skin track can be just as enjoyable as the shred down. Crafted with a paulownia and poplar 3D Ascend 1 Split Core and a Megalite Skin™ Topsheet, this layup saves weight while retaining the poppiness and solid board feel you love. The Mega Split comes with pre-cut Union Expedition Skins, allowing you to hit the skin track in record time.

Ultralight, ultra-responsive, and ultra-fun, the CAPiTA Mega Split isn’t holding back. This thing has a ton of tech under the hood and is designed for advanced to expert riders looking to charge with the response and predictability of positive camber.

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GNU Barrett Splitboard - Women's 2023

GNU Barrett - Women's

Once you're no longer constrained by boundaries and chairlifts, a whole new world of possibility opens up to you. And if you've spent your resort riding days looking for untracked powder and steep faces, the backcountry is so sweet you might never go back. The GNU Barrett Splitboard was hand built in the rugged Olympic mountains with just the goal of helping you explore this snowy new world of ultimate freedom. Designed to be featherweight on the way up while offering premium freeride performance on the way down, the Barret Split offers the best of both worlds. It's floaty in power, precise on edge, and easy to navigate through any situation you might encounter.

Super playful with a rocker profile between the bindings, the GNU Barrett is designed for women riders who see the mountain as a playground. A responsive flex pattern balances out the board feel, and Carbon Power Bands provide response and pop the whole way down.

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Arbor Veda Camber Splitboard - Women's 2023

Arbor Veda Camber - Women's

The Arbor Veda Splitboard is the board that Marie-France Roy uses to explore the wild terrain of the British Columbia she calls home. Its directional shape balances all-out float in the pow with the confidence to handle less-than-ideal conditions too. The Arbor Veda Splitboard is an all-around tool for riders to take on everything from demanding backcountry terrain to low-angle pow runs.

A mid-flex women’s splitboard with enough taper to sit back and eat up as much pow as you can handle. 360° Fully Wrapped Sidewalls provide protection and durability for both the skin up and the rip down.

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5/10Positive Camber$749.95

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Salomon Highpath Splitboard 2023

Salomon Highpath

Whether you're getting deep in the backcountry for untracked lines or enjoying your time in nature, it all ties back to a healthy planet. The Salomon Highpath Splitboard features recycled and sustainable materials, including the base, topsheet, resins, and edges. Don't think it comes at a performance cost, either - the tapered directional shape and Rock Out Camber are stable and quick in variable terrain. The kit comes with Plum Hardware and pre-cut, cult-favorite Pomoca Skins too, so it's truly the ultimate package.

Soft-flexing and carefully crafted camber profile result in a super versatile splitboard that comes with hardware and pre-cut skins. Stability, response, and float abound thanks to Salomon’s Rock Out Camber allows you to chase deep snow, as well as get up ‘til the last melt.

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Arbor Satori Camber Splitboard 2023

Arbor Satori Camber

Tailored to pro rider Bryan Iguchi's humility mindset and gnarly uphill approach, the Arbor Satori Camber Splitboard has a deep sidecut for reactive grip climbing and fast edge-to-edge turning when you're groovin' downhill. Constructed with Arbor's signature System Camber Technology and Uprise Fenders, the Satori is solid, approachable, and made to make you feel alive. Get out on the skin track in any condition imaginable, the Arbor Satori Camber Splitboard is made to handle it all and make you feel amazing while doing it.

Arbor’s Uprise Fenders help to make the board feel of the Satori smooth and solid for the climb and on the ride down, without sacrificing the response advanced riders demand from positive camber.

FlexCamber ProfileOriginal Price
5/10Positive Camber$849.95

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Jones Solution Splitboard 2023

Jones Solution

The Jones Solution Splitboard has the answer key for every backcountry conundrum. Slippy skin tracks? The grippy Traction Tech 2.0 inner edges hold on like velcro. Promised pow turns into dust-on-crust or chunder chip death cookies? No problem, the powerful Ultra Split Core with Flax / Basalt reinforcement provides chatter-free performance and high-speed response when the snow is less than ideal. And when conditions do line up to provide perfection? The Solution's dialed shape and proven directional rocker combine for effortless float and flow that'll have you staying out for as many laps as your legs can handle.

One of the most comfortable splitboards up and down, the Jones Solution’s Traction Tech 2.0 keeps your board locked in, even during a steep, sketchy climb. Mix in the 3D Contour base for float, turn initiation, and forgiveness, and you have one of the most well-rounded splitboards on the market.

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Nitro Doppleganger Splitboard 2023

Nitro Doppleganger

Inspired by the future, the Nitro Doppleganger Splitboard features the latest and greatest in core technology with its Koroyd® Power Core and Diamond Laminates. Not only does this construction translate to faster, further, and more epic tours, but it also yields a sturdy flex rating (8/10) — which paired with the Cam-Out camber profile — for strong, reliable edgehold across steep alpine faces. If you're serious about splitboarding, level up the experience with the Nitro Doppleganger Splitboard.

With a Progressive Sidecut and directional flex pattern, you’ll be able to stay above powder and enter the whiteroom with quick ease. Nitro also added in their Hike Pods for extra grip beneath the bindings for stability on any surface.

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Arbor Landmark Camber Splitboard 2023

Arbor Landmark Camber

The Arbor Landmark Camber Splitboard sets the standard for splitboard makers everywhere: it's an easy-riding board that climbs wonderfully, smashing splitboard barriers before it even sees the snow. A "value" board that'll make even the most experienced splitboarders happy, it boasts a floaty yet powerful shape to tackle any conditions you face. The Knucklehead nose stays afloat in everything, from busy bowls of hot pow chowder to flutes of deep dry chalk. Get this board and take a hike! Perfect for riders looking to jump into their first splitboard at a reasonable price, the Arbor Landmark is a versatile splitboard that performs in any condition thanks to traditional camber and medium flex profile.

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6/10Positive Camber$699.95

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Stew Langner

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