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About Black Crows

Black Crows is an independent french freeski brand from Chamonix. Founded in 2006 by pro freeskiers Camille Jaccoux and Bruno Compagnet, Black Crows was born out of a desire to collide beauty and efficiency into skis. They create obsessively design driven objects that are uncompromising in performance and identity for contemporary skiing. They aim for the pleasure of senses through freedom and adventure and believe that ski culture is a window to the world.


During the winter of 2005, Camille and Bruno dreamt of a big mountain ski with a wingspan big enough to withstand high-speed turns and a shape which could endure sudden changes in direction. It was around this time that they met Christophe Villemin in Chamonix's Grands-Montets cable car. An industrialist passionate about skiing and mountaineering, Christophe took a keen interest in Camille and Bruno’s ski concept. That was the birth of the project for the future Corvus model and for a brand which would soon be known as Black Crows.


Black Crows was dreamed up by Camille and alludes to the Alpine Chough, Chamonix’s omni-present black bird with yellow beak and red claws. Choughs are one of the few birds which can fly at an altitude of over 4000 meters, and provide a reassuring presence for skiers and mountaineers facing the solitude often felt in the high mountains.


Camille used his contacts in the art and graphics world to find the future Black Crows artistic director. Yorgo Tloupas, a well-reputed French designer living in London was tapped to join the brand. It was thanks to the name Black Crows and the concept of a community of skiers that Yorgo developed the look for the first model. The original 195 cm Corvus, with pink and black chevrons and pink base, was rolled out to the public in Chamonix in December 2006.

Present & Future

The small Chamonix brand has well and truly grown up and now has a strong presence internationally. Black Crows now offers a line of technical ski wear in collaboration with Gore-Tex. Yorgo Tloupas and his design team are still the masters of adornment while Bruno Compagnet and Camille Jaccoux continue the development of the brand and the product, with exciting, high-performance skis like the Mirus Cor and Draco Freebird for piste-riders and backcountry enthusiasts alike.

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