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Devinci Mountain Bikes

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About Devinci

Devinci is a Canadian bicycle manufacturer based in Chicoutimi, Quebec. Started in 1987 under the name Da Vinci (becoming Devinci in 1990), this start-to-finish bicycle manufacturer takes pride in its "everything under one roof" ethos, where innovation and quality control reign supreme, from frame and suspension R&D innovation like Split-Pivot, to ultra-precise welding and detailing, giving Devinci the confidence to back every bike with a Lifetime Warranty. We are excited to partner with Devinci, and can't wait to ride some bikes!

The R&D

Split Pivot

Devinci was the first manufacturer to use Dave Weagle's Split Pivot design. Split Pivot is featured in all of Devinci's dual suspension frames. The main advantage of Split Pivot is that it separates acceleration from braking (and vice versa) within the suspension system, so they work together instead of against each other. This translates to a more balanced ride by tuning shock absorption, traction and pedaling efficiency.

Full Response Geometry

FRG works in conjunction with Split Pivot by allowing the rider to adjust the geometry of the bike from a LO to HI setting, or vice versa by simply flipping the adjustment chip located on the Control Link. The LO setting rakes out the head tube and lowers the bottom bracket for a more flowy and responsive feel, while the HI setting is more pedalable and stable at speed.

Full Response Geometry


Axis centers on Devinci's insane Quality Control mechanisms. Frames go through a four step process with built-in quality control mechanisms throughout. Frames begin their life on a custom-built mold, where they are spot welded before being hand-welded by experts. They then go through an intensive heat treatment followed by a quenching (rapid cooling) in order to solidify and enhance frame durability. The frames are hand-aligned to Devinci's exacting standards. Unlike other manufacturers who CNC frames before heat treatment, Devinci mills all pivot points and bearing housings post-heat treatment in order to avoid deformation that might occurr during the process, increasing frame life. Finally, the frame goes through a final alignment test in order to ensure a perfectly tuned machine.

Devinci Monocoque Carbon

Devinci uses an exclusive carbon construction featuring cross-hatched, unidirectional carbon layers reinforced with high strength epoxy and a nano powder additive. This high-tech carbon is then assembled into a bike frame through a bladder molding process in conjunction with a silicone insert process for more complex junctions, resulting in an incredibly light, strong and damp build for unparalleled all-mountain performance.

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