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Im Wetsuits Never Est.

Imperial Motion - Wetsuits, Shirts, Shorts & Clothing

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About Imperial Motion

Imperial Motion is a lifestyle brand based in the Pacific Northwest with ties across the globe. The brand is centered around the ideal, “Never Established…Always Evolving.” Imperial Motion strives to provide quality product to any who seek adventure and an active lifestyle, whether that be in the water, in the street or on a hill.

Here’s how Imperial Motion defines their motto:
We are taught from the day we’re born to become something, grab hold of it and never let go. Establish yourself in this world and be remembered for that 1 thing. What if you let go of what ties you down, and changed your style of life, then changed it again. Imagine being reborn again and again, reinventing yourself in ways that people will never know what to expect. Or go one step further and become style, never being established, always evolving.
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