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About Picture Organic

Ride, Protect & Share. These three words reflect exactly what Picture is: a brand of snowboard, ski, surf & outdoor clothing that, without taking itself too seriously, wants to move the lines. Its mission: fighting climate change. At present, the textile industry is responsible for 8% of the world’s overall carbon emissions. Consumers have become much more aware of alternative ways to purchase, and pay much closer attention to the level of responsibility a brand is willing to assume. This is why Picture has made bio-sourcing its main focus for the next few years. 

What is bio sourcing? In the case of a snow jacket, it means creating a fabric partially made with plant material such as sugar cane or castor beans. In general, plants that contain sucrose (beets, sugar cane…) or starch (wheat, corn…) can be transformed into bio-mono ethylene glycol (Bio-MEG) to replace conventional petroleum-based MEG.

Reorienting our strategy towards bio-sourcing represents a major commitment to the environment and to wiping out our extremely polluting dependence on fossil fuels: oil in this case.

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