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Roxy High Performance Outerwear

Roxy - Women's Snowboards, Swimwear & Apparel

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About Roxy

Roxy, the first female surf brand, has been setting a high bar for ladies snow and surf gear since 1990. They hit that crucial and hard to find nexus of functional and cute. And that shows in everything from their rashguards to their technical snow jackets. Plus, their snowboards, (made by Mervin in WA State) like the long-standing Torah Bright pro model, are just as solid. Coming out of Huntington Beach, Cali, Roxy says they “inspire girls to dream big and have fun in and out of the water.” We like to think that includes frozen water, too!

Roxy does it all, from flip-flops to fully waterproof/breathable outerwear to snowboards, so it’s pretty incredible that it’s all on point. On the winter side this year, they’re leaning toward the backcountry with more Gore-Tex offerings and women’s specific splitboards. On the surf side, it’s all about spring suits, surf leggings, and other smart and cute ways to stay warm, no matter the water temp. Their clothes, as usual, are exactly what you want to put on when you’re not playing in the water or snow – cute, casual, and on trend.

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