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Thrills Clothing Size Chart

Please note that all sizes are AUS sizing, please refer to body measurements and related sizes for other countries. All measurements are reflective of a person's "BODY Size" in centimeters (not the garment size).

Tees / Tops

Chest (cm)86 - 9191 - 9696 - 101101 - 106106 - 111111 - 116
Waist (cm)717681869196
Related SizesSize 28Size 30Size 32Size 34Size 36Size 38

Pants / Bottoms

 Size 28Size 29Size 30Size 31Size 32Size 33Size 34Size 36Size 38
Waist (cm)7173.57678.58183.5869196
Hip (cm)9496.599101.5104106.5109114119
In Leg (cm)8282.58383.58484.5858687