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Let's face it, we all play hard. And the toys we play on are bound to take some abuse. Nearly all manufacturers understand this and provide a warranty against defects and workmanship. Each new product sold by evo is covered by the individual manufacturer's warranty. (Please check the manufacturer's website for information regarding their specific warranty policy.) The manufacturer will make all warranty decisions as evo plays the middleman between consumer and the manufacturer. Purchasing "Used" gear from evo doesn't come with a manufacturer warranty although product purchased with "Damaged Packaging" condition will.

Some manufacturer’s will handle warranty claims directly with the consumer, eliminating the authorized dealer(evo) as the middleman through the process. Below is a list of some of the manufacturers who you can contact directly for warranty claims. If you have a product from any of the manufacturers below, simply click on the brand below and it will take you to their Warranty info/form. If you have product from any other brand we carry or would rather have evo play the middleman in the process please go to step 1 below.

Burton   Capita   Union    Dakine  GNU    Smith   Slingshot   North Face  Faction Skis   Bonfire   Dragon   Hestra   XCEL   RipCurl   O’Neill   Solite   Karakoram   Lange   LIB Tech   Transition Bikes   Norrona   MountainHardwear  Billabong  Trew Gear   Smartwool


*Shipping expense for product back to evo or direct to the manufacturer for approval, is the sole responsibility of the customer. If the warranty request is approved, the manufacturer or evo will cover the shipping expense (within the United States) of the new or repaired product, to the customer’s verified address.
Any outside expenses that stem from a warranty situation(lift tickets, rental fees, mounting cost, part installs) aren't covered by evo or the manufacturer. If the warranty is not specified on the product purchased or on the manufacturer's website, please contact evo by phone at 1.866.386.1590.

Bike Warranty
We like to ride bikes as much as you do and we know the more you ride, the more likely an issue can arise with the many working parts on a bike. Bike manufacturers only handle warranty with possible defects with the frame. Any possible warranty issue with regards to components (fork, brakes, wheels, seatpost, etc.) on your bike are handled direct with the respective component manufacturers (Fox, Sram, Shimano, FSA,  etc).
With that said, evo can play the middleman with that process but there are other options that could be quicker and easier for you. Going through your local bike shop can be a good option, as long as they’re an authorized dealer of your frame manufacturer or component manufacturer. They may be better in evaluating the issue in person and they can process a warranty claim with the manufacturer even if you didn’t buy the bike from them. A third option is you working direct with the manufacturer as many will do so, thus eliminating the middleman. If you go to the manufacturer website, you should find some warranty instruction to get the process started. But as always, we are more than willing to help you get back out on two wheels!

Warranty claim process through evo

Step 1. Determine whether the damage should be covered by warranty. Here are a few things that are NOT covered by warranty: 

  • Normal wear resulting from standard usage that occurs over time. (chipped topsheet from crossing skis, sun faded topsheet, etc)
  • Damage resulting from contact with objects. (Rails, boxes, stumps, rocks, little kids, etc, etc.)
  • Damage to product resulting from improper care or unnecessary roughness. (jamming tip/tail into snow, product flying off of roof racks, etc)
  • Parts, hardware, accessories that were lost or have gone missing AFTER receiving your shipment.

Step 2. Fill out the Warranty Request Form

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to give us a call. We want to see you back out on your product almost as much as you want to use it, but please be patient as warranty issues can take a considerable amount of time to resolve. Most warranties are usually resolved in a timely manner and will be processed in the order they come in.

Step 3. We will contact you with further instruction.

The next step varies by manufacturer and we will provide you with all the details for the next step.

Please play safe and thanks for choosing!!