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The Gear Condition Guide is designed to show you what to expect from each of our 8 condition levels. At evo, used gear goes through an extensive cleaning and grading process before it is shipped. Outside of new product, we have 6 used condition levels: Damaged Packaging, Premium, Standard Plus, Standard, Value, and Bargain Bin.


New means, well, new. Items in this condition are brand spanking new: this means they’re unused, unopened, and with all of the manufacturer tags and packaging intact. New items are eligible for the original manufacturer warranty.

New Blem

A blem indicates some type of minor cosmetic imperfection that doesn't impact performance in any manner. Blemishes may include graphic imperfections or minor pits, bumps or scratches from the manufacturing process. These items are still brand-new and unused while passing on savings to you as a buyer. The full manufacturer warranty is still applicable to blem products.

Used - Damaged Packaging

Damaged packaging can range from a punctured box or torn bag to a simple missing tag. These items are new in every other regard. Warranties for these items are still applicable and the products themselves do not reflect any damage – just the packaging. Think of these as shipping-related bumps and bruises that bring you major savings.

Used - Premium

Practically new. Products with a “premium” condition rating have experienced minimal use and reflect little to no cosmetic wear. Premium condition products are the best of the best in used gear. Warranties no longer apply.

Used - Standard Plus

Lightly used items that have been well cared for. These products will likely exhibit a few cosmetic scuffs, scratches, and/or show slight signs of wear, but they still perform perfectly. Warranties no longer apply.

Used - Standard

Used but not abused. Products of this condition show signs of consistent use, but their performance during future use will not be compromised. Overall, these products are in good, working condition. Warranties no longer apply.

Used - Value

These items have been well loved, but still have plenty of life left for a passionate and budget-minded owner who may be new to the discipline. Cosmetic signs of use should be expected as well as some non-performance-inhibiting dings, dents, or worn corners. At the end of the day, these are in-good-working order products with massive savings for you! Warranties no longer apply.

Used - Bargain Bin

Products listed as “bargain bin” will reflect significant signs of use or wear that may shorten the life of the product, while still being in good and safe working order. If you are new to the sport or simply looking for the deepest deal, these products give you the opportunity to score sweet gear at a killer price. Warranties no longer apply.

Ski & Snowboard Gear Grading Specifics


 Premium Condition



Premium used gear is rare and goes quickly. Product that falls into the Premium condition category shows almost no cosmetic wear. These items are practically new. All used gear shows some signs of use, however, buying our Premium grade product ensures that you will both receive gear with a fabulous appearance as well as have cash in your pocket for lift tickets and helicopter rides. You know, all the necessities in life.


 Standard Plus Condition 



Oh the savings you get with Standard Plus condition gear. Gear in the Standard Plus classification shows slightly more cosmetic wear than Premium gear but still looks good. Any scratching on the products does not detract much from the cosmetic appeal. This group will never have any physical damage that will hinder the performance of the product. In other words, the gear in this group will never have any gouges, blown edges, core-shots or other performance hindering blemishes.


 Standard Condition 



Standard is our most popular used gear classification and certainly a staff pick. Most used gear falls into the Standard condition group. This includes equipment that shows standard cosmetic wear from normal use. While “standard” and “normal” are very subjective, we hope the above pictures will help clarify the description. The standard group will never have any physical damage that will hinder the performance of the product. In other words, a pair of skis or a snowboard in the standard group will not have any blown edges, core-shots or other performance hindering blemishes. Expect scratching on the topsheet and minor base scratches. You’ll be grinning from ear to ear when you are in the lift line next to the guy who paid twice as much for the same gear.


 Value Condition 



Like the Standard group, gear in the value group will not have any performance hindering damage. What differentiates a Value product from a Standard product is the amount of cosmetic wear. For instance, scratching, scraping or a chip out of a top sheet qualifies an item for the Value distinction. For those who aren't worried about cosmetic wear, buying Value rated products is the best way to go for maximum savings without sacrificing performance. That’s a deal!


 Bargain Bin Condition




The Bargain Bin group contains product that has some type of significant wear and may have damage that could shorten the life of the item. All Bargain Bin items are rideable and safe for the user. All products with unsafe bindings are eliminated from this group. Truthfully, most of the gear in this group looks better than the boards many of us ride everyday.
Items in the Bargain Bin Group offer an opportunity to leverage your dollar. If you are new to the sport you can get a feel for the snow before going all out on NEW gear. If you are the type of user who is hard on gear, need some early or late season rock skis, or great at repairs, then buying from the Bargain Bin group is an excellent option. The savings in the Bargain Bin Group allow you an opportunity to buy two or three like items instead of one at the same price. Get a pair of all mountain skis and those powder skis you want! If you are good at repairs or are on a very tight budget, buying from an item with a Bargain Bin is the way to go.
The following damage can constitute Bargain Bin rating for a ski or snowboard:

  • Possible heavy scratching that covers over 5% of the base.
  • Possible top sheet gouge to the core of the ski.
  • Possible compressed edge.
  • Possible cracked edge (Eg. hairline crack)
  • Possible top sheet delamination.
Any skis with dysfuctional bindings are thrown away. All bindings will be in safe working order. All of the above are certainly worst case scenarios and wear is usually fairly minor relative to the descriptions above. The majority of pre-existing wear can be repaired. Please consult your local shop for an assessment or do it yourself.
Who should purchase Bargain Bin?
  • New Participants to the sport.  Don’t throw away money to rentals, buy reasonable, functional gear to try before you go all out and purchase the kitchen sink!
  •  Gear heads that like to do repairs will love the Bargain Bin.
  • Rough Riders?  You know who you are.  If you are especially hard on gear Bargain Bin is the way to go.
  • Price conscious shoppers looking to get the BEST possible price!