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Von Zipper Goggle Lens Color & Tint Guide

WildLife Lens

Through various processes of bad-light elimination, Von Zippper has constructed their E = VZ² Lens Technology, which properly absorbs and balances scattered light. These adjustments to your optical experience help retain the energy and clarity you need to enjoy the wilder things in life.

Lens Tint Conditions Best Uses VLT
WildLife Sunny / Bright Light
Partly Cloudy / Medium Light
A full spectrum lens focused on sunny to cloudy days. 26%
WildLife Low Light Partly Cloudy / Medium Light
Cloudy / Low Light
A low light specific lens for those overcast, cloudy days. 46%
Lens Tint Conditions Visual Light Transmission Lens Category
Black Chrome Sunny / Bright Light 5% S4
Bronze Chrome Sunny / Bright Light 5% S4
Blackout Sunny / Bright Light 6% S4
Bronze Polar Sunny / Bright Light 10% S4
Persimmon Chrome Sunny / Bright Light 12% S3
Amber Chrome Sunny / Bright Light 15% S3
Gold Chrome Sunny / Bright Light 20% S3
Copper Chrome Sunny / Bright Light 20% S3
Astro Chrome Sunny / Bright Light 21% S2
Quasar Chrome Sunny / Bright Light 23% S2
Fire Chrome Sunny / Bright Light 24% S2
Sky Chrome Sunny / Bright Light 24% S2
Rose Partly Cloudy / Medium Light 36% S2
Meteor Chrome Partly Cloudy / Medium Light 53% S1
Nightstalker Blue Cloudy / Low Light 54% S1
Clear Chrome Orange Cloudy / Low Light 64% S1
Yellow Chrome Cloudy / Low Light 71% S1
Yellow Cloudy / Low Light 72% S1

*VLT (Visible Light Transmission) is the percentage of visible light allowed to pass through a lens.

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