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Wakeboard Binding Compatibility

From around 2007 to 2013, the wakeboard industry made a lot of changes to some of their core construction fundamentals, making compatibility between boards and bindings tricky. Metric threads replaced standard threads for the bolts that attached bindings to the board, and many brands also made changes to the length and number of inserts in the boards. Please note that this information is deprecated and only applies to the product years listed below.

Standard to Metric Industry-Wide Conversion Chart

In 2012, the wakeboard industry switched from Standard hardware to Metric hardware. See the chart below to determine how each brand made the switch. Note that many brands offered both sets of hardware for a few years following the switch.
 Liquid Force 2012 and NewerAll Board Models Have Metric Inserts
Liquid Force 2011Only the Shane/Team Hybrid LTD Board Has Metric Inserts
 Ronix 2013All Board Models Have Metric Inserts, Bindings Come with Both Standard and Metric Hardware
 Ronix 2012Standard Hardware and Inserts
 CWB 2013All Board Models Have Metric Inserts, Bindings Come with Both Standard and Metric Hardwre
 CWB 2012Standard Hardware and Inserts
Slingshot 2013All Bindings Come with Standard and Metric Hardware for Use with Other Boards. Longer/Narrower Standard Hardware May Be Needed When Using Non-Slingshot Bindings on Slingshot Boards.
Slingshot 2012Standard Hardware and Inserts
Hyperlite/Byerly 2013Bindings Only Come with Metric Hardware. Boards Do Not Come with Any Hardware and Have Metric Inserts.
Hyperlite/Byerly 2012Standard Hardware and Inserts
Please note that binding screws and wakeboard insert lengths may vary between brands.

Wakeboard Binding Plates, Board Inserts and Stance

Back in the day, all wakeboards had an 8” insert spread. Nowadays, wakeboards have a 6" insert spread - 6” binding plates are lighter, stronger and have less torsional flex. The new 6" binding plates coupled with the old 8" or 7" hole patterns leave you with fewer stance options, but there is a solution. Keep reading.

The tables below will help you figure out your stance options if you're still using one of these setups. Don't worry, most wakeboard bindings will fit on most wakeboards, you just may not be able to use every stance option on the wakeboard. In some cases you now have larger stance width options.

Please match your wakeboard bindings and boots on the Boot/Binding Plate Width Chart and Wakeboard Hole Pattern & Insert Spread charts below. Then use the Stance Options Chart to understand stance width available from your setup.

Binding/Boot Plate Width

 Byerly 2010 & NewerAll Models6" Plate
 Byerly 2009All Models8" Plate
 CWB 2012 and NewerAll Models6" Plate
CWB 2010 - 2011All Models Except Mobe6" Plate
CWB 2010 - 2011Mobe8" Plate
 CWB 2009Deuce, Seven, Mobe, Comp, Bliss8" Plate
CWB 2009All Other Models6" Plate
CWB 2008Zeus. Answer, Faction, Tiffany, Ember6" Plate
CWB 2008All Other Models8" Plate
CWB 2007 and OlderAll Models Except Nova8" Plate
Hyperlite 2012 and NewerAll Models6" Plate
Hyperlite 2010 - 2011All Models Except Frequency, Allure, Sprint6" Plate
Hyperlite 2010 - 2011Frequency, Allure, Sprint8" Plate
Hyperlite 2009 and OlderAll Models8" Plate
Liquid Force 2009 and NewerAll Models6" Plate
Liquid Force 2008All Models7" Plate
Liquid Force 2007 and OlderAll Models8" Plate
Ronix 2009 and NewerAll Models6" Plate
Ronix 2008 and OlderAll Models8" Plate

Wakeboard Hole Pattern and Insert Spread

Insert Spread refers to the hole pattern on the wakeboard. It is the distance from any hole in the outer group of holes to the corresponding hole in the inner group for each boot mounting area (either Left or Right). For example, on any 2007 board, the outermost hole for mounting the left binding is eight inches from the leftmost/corresponding hole on the inside group.

Brand/YearModelsSpread x # of Holes
Byerly 2010 & NewerAll Models6" x 4
Byerly 2009All Models8" x 4
CWB 2010 and NewerAll Models6/8" x 3
CWB 2009Pure, Faze, Sol, Faction Jr, Surge Jr, Charger Jr, Lotus, Bella8" x 4
All Other Models6/8" x 3
CWB 2008Absolute, Absolute Platinum, Transcend, Transcend Platinum, Marius, Marius Platinum, Faction6/8" x 3
All Other Models8" x 4
CWB 2007 and OlderAll Models8" x 4
Hyperlite 2012 and NewerMarek Nova, Murray NovaStrata
All Other Models6" x 4
Motive and DIvine 1098" x 4
Hyperlite 2011Marek Bio, Murray Bio, Union, Vigilante, Franchise, Process, Premier, Syn, Blur6" x 4
Marek Nova, Murray NovaStrata
Forefront, B-Side, Tribute, State, Jade, Eden 125/130, Divine 128/1347" x 4
Motive 109/119, Divine 109/1198" x 4
Hyperlite 2010Marek Nova, Murray NovaStrata
All Other Models6" x 4
Hyperlite 2009 and OlderAll Models8" x 4
Liquid Force 2011 and NewerAll Models6" x 3
Liquid Force 2009 - 2010All Models Except F.L.Y. Series6" x 3
F.L.Y. Series6" x 2
Liquid Force 2007 and OlderAll Models8" x 4
Ronix 2010 and NewerAll Models6" x 4
Ronix 2009All Models7" x 4
Ronix 2008 and OlderAll Models8" x 4

Stance Options

Plate6" Spread7" Spread8" SpreadStrata
6"All Stance OptionsAll Except Widest and Narrowest, All Options with Extension ToolRequires Binding Extenders from Liquid Force, CWB or Ronix*Two Narrowest Inserts, Four Options with Extension Tool 
7"All Stance Options Except NarrowestAll Stance OptionsAll Stance Options Except WidestSliding Stance - Infinite Options
8"One Stance Option for Liquid Force, Two Options on All Other BrandsAll Except NarrowestAll Stance OptionsSliding Stance - Infinite Options

*Mounting Extenders

BrandExtension Tool
RonixPurchase a Ronix Spacer Set for 6" Boot Plates. Extenders Included with 2009 Boots Except Divide, Luxe, Halo
CWBPurchase CWB Extendo Clamps for 6" Boot Plates
Liquid ForcePurchase Retrofit Angle Lock Kit for 6" Boot Plates
HyperliteExtensions Not Needed with Strata Mounting System

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