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September 15, 2019

Dear evo,

One of my favorite moments from our company-wide retreat last June was at the end of the day when we all worked at our tables to answer the question, "What is our purpose at evo?". There were twenty+ tables, and more than 250 people, but we all kept circling around the same ideas. From team members that have been at evo since the very beginning, to some that had started only a week prior, we all kept coming back to the exact same themes: community, passion, invitation, adventure, and lifestyle. I was taken aback, seeing how consistently we all think about why we're here, and what makes evo special.

Since the retreat, a small committee comprised of employees across evo have been working to take all those drafts and synthesize them into a single, clear, simple purpose statement to be shared with the world. They nailed it!

evo Purpose: To make life better by building community & igniting the adventurous spirit that lives within us all.

evo Family: Annual Retreat, Seattle 2019
evo Family: Annual Retreat, Seattle 2019

Now it's back to us. Here's my commitment, and my challenge to all of us: let's never allow our Purpose to become just words on the wall. Let's make these words our guide – for the decisions and investments we make, for how we work together, and for way we treat every guest who walks through our doors or clicks on our website.

Thanks to everyone for your ideas last June, and your commitment to moving this company forward in a way that will maximize the positive impact that we can have for all.

Exciting times ahead!


Bryce Phillips
evo Founder & CEO

evo Family: Annual Retreat, Seattle 2019
evo Family: Annual Retreat, Seattle 2019