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Riding around Portland in the rain on road bikes, or shredding the Cascades on a mountain bike can cause a lot of wear and tear, even to the nicest bikes. Whether you commute to work on your bike, or are just taking your bike out from a long winter in storage, the team at evo Portland is dedicated to keeping all bikes in tip-top shape. evo Portland is a one stop shop for all bike tuning and repair service needs, our shop can do everything from fixing a flat tire to building up your brand new bike. Our bike mechanics have years of experience on all kinds of bikes, from servicing downhill mountain bikes to world-class race road bikes.

Bike Services & Pricing

We offer a full range of bike repair and bike tune up services at evo Portland, everything from adjusting brakes to mountain bike suspension tuning. Whether you just have a couple squeaky parts, or need a complete overhaul, we've got you covered. Bike tune ups and repair cost vary depending on what type of bike service or repairs you want, or need, to keep your bike running smoothly. 

Bike Tune-Ups & Assembly

Basic Tune$95Adjust shifting, brakes, headset, bottom bracket and hubs. True wheels, inflate tires, lube chain, and clean bike. Safety check: bolts/torque. Drive train cleaning, suspension work, and brake bleeds are not included.
Standard Tune$150Adjust shifting, brakes, headset, bottom bracket, and hubs. True wheels, inflate tires, lube chain, disassemble and clean drive train, and deep clean bike. Safety check: bolts/torque. Additional labor charge for any suspension work and/or brake bleeds.
Deluxe Tune Road$250Full bike disassemble and reassemble with grease and lube as needed. Disassemble and clean drive train. True wheels, inflate tires, bleed brakes, and install new cables and housing (included). Safety check: bolts/torque. New parts get free install.
Deluxe Tune Mountain$400Full bike disassemble and reassemble with grease and lube as needed. Disassemble and clean drive train. True wheels, inflate tires, bleed brakes, fork lower leg service, and rear shock service. Safety check: bolts/torque. Labor charges will be assessed for any additional seal, bearing, damper, and suspension services. New parts get free install.
Drivetrain Cleaning$60Remove drivetrain for major cleaning, reinstall and adjust drivetrain, lube and grease as needed, new cables and housing are extra (but a good time for this to happen).
Out of the Box Build$80 - 300Full build from the box
Box Bike$100Prepare and pack bike to ship. Includes box, but not shipping.

Call Now: (503) 972-5850

Bike Repairs & Adjustments

Tire Tube: Flat Fix$15
Tubeless Setup (includes tape & sealant)$35
Brakes: Adjustment$20
Brakes: Bleed$35
Suspension: Rear Shock Overhaul$40
Suspension: Fork Overhaul$80 - $100
Derailleur: Adjustment$20
Chain Install$30
Wheel: True$20 - $40
Wheel: Build$120
Bar Wrap Install$20
Frame Protection Install$150
Dropper Post Install$45
Bearing Service w/o Tune$20
Bearing Service w/ Tune$10
Hourly Shop Rate$120

Call Now: (503) 972-5850

Portland Bike Service Shop Resources

We love riding bikes, and want to make sure you do, too. Having a properly working bike is step number one to having a great time, no matter where or how you ride. In addition to bike repairs and service, the team at evo has a deep knowledge of all things bikes. We love to share this knowledge with our customers and the greater Portland biking community. Check out some of our resources that will teach you more about our team of bike mechanics, your bike, and how to keep it up and running well. These resources will help you know when and how you might need to turn experts like our team at evo Portland.


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