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2023 CAPiTA Mega Split Splitboard Review

By: Stew Lagner, Snowboard Buyer | June 21, 2022

2023 CAPiTA Mega Split

The Lowdown

The next evolution of CAPiTA's splitboard line is here – the Mega Split. Built off the cult classic Mercury snowboard shape, the Mega Split is the epitome of high-end splitboard materials and construction. Coming out of CAPiTA’s 100% clean energy snowboard factory, The Mothership, this splitboard features a 3D Ascend 1 Split Core which blends a weight-graded and 3D milled wood core with an ABS centerline to create an ultra-lightweight chassis. That premium core is then wrapped in a Megalight Skin Topsheet and HyperDrive Base and held together with Union’s Pro Clips and Hooks to create a durable, lightweight splitboard like we’ve never seen before.

I was lucky enough to test the 2023 CAPiTA Mega Split this past season. After a winter of touring on it, I think this board is an extremely versatile shape with the flex and weight that only a premium board would offer. Whether the report called for pow or corn, it handled all types of snow & terrain rather well. On the uphill, it was extremely lightweight, making long walks in the mountains that much easier. On the downhill, it was rather lively, making for fast turns edge-to-edge with plenty of pop and landing gear for some backcountry cliff drops. Coming from a long lineage of fast & playful boards, the CAPiTA Mega Split is perfect for the all-mountain freestyle rider looking for a teched-out splitboard to explore the backcountry.

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Technical Details

Before we dive into the construction of the Mega Split, let’s take a moment to review this classic board shape. Based on the fan favorite CAPiTA Mercury, the Mega Split is a directional twin shape with half an inch of setback. It also features a mid-wide waist width that will keep you from booting out on deep carves. The New Age Directional Sidecut with Death Grip is a progressive sidecut with a slight reverse arc between the bindings to give you a little extra grip  for increased control in icier or varied terrain. CAPiTA features the Resort V2 Camber Profile on the Mega Split which offers reverse camber outside of the bindings and positive camber from 5mm outside of the insert packs. This creates a ride that is floaty and playful while remaining powerful for more aggressive turns and board control.

Now let’s jump into the construction of the Mega Split from the base up to the topsheet.  First off, it has CAPiTA’s HyperDrive Base with a Moonshot Pro Tune. This is an exclusive sintered, ultra-high weight & density polyethylene base with aftermarket performance stone grind base structure. Translation: it’s fast! Next up is the 3D Ascend 1 Split Core, which features weight graded Poplar & Paulownia wood that has been 3D milled and bonded to an ABS centerline to create an ultra-lightweight chassis. That next level core is followed up with a biax on biax glass and Pure MegaCarbon additives to give the board amazing response and pop. Lastly, it’s wrapped in CAPiTA’s Megalite Skin Topsheet, making it super thin and durable – it’s 60% lighter than your typical topsheet.

Lasty, I’d like to mention a handful of awesome features that are specific to CAPiTA splitboards. All CAPiTA splitboards are molded as one board then split in half. This ensures a seamless fit and that the camber profile is even between the two halves. To connect these two planks together, CAPiTA uses Union Pro Clips & Hooks. These board clips feature an adjustment screw that allows for the most flush and secure fit possible. Definitely take some time to get these clips & screws dialed for the best fit prior to hitting the hill. Finally, the CAPiTA Mega Split comes with pre-cut Union Expedition Skins by Montana. These skins are ready to go out of the box with no need to trim or install tail clips – thank goodness…

Sizes (cm)  155, 157, 159, 161
Rocker Type Rocker/Camber/Rocker
Shape Directional Twin
Flex Rating Medium (6.5 / 10)
Dimensions (Tip, Waist, Tail - mm)  303 - 259 - 303
Sidecut Radius (m)  8
Stance Setback (in)  0.5

Ride Impressions

When I first laid eyes on the Mega Split, I was taken aback by the superb quality of its materials and construction. From the 3D milled core to the pro tuned base, this board was more teched out than the Batmobile. When it came to set up, it was relatively easy to mount my Union Explorer Splitboard bindings on there. On top of that, I was greatly appreciative that this board came with pre-cut climbing skins – nothing more annoying & nerve-wracking than cutting skins. The real kicker for setup on the Mega Split was the Union Pro Clips & Hooks. These feature adjustment screws that create a tight fit between the two planks and allow for a very secure connection.

Going uphill on this board felt like a cheat code. Like I mentioned above, the pre-cut skins were remarkably easy to stick to the bottom of the planks because of their precision trim and effortless tip & tail hooks. Once in motion, the board felt considerably more lightweight compared to other splitboards I’ve used in the past. In walk mode, it felt like the board wasn’t even there and I felt featherweight while traipsing my way uphill. Kick turns were easier, and I didn’t feel as gassed when I got to the top of the mountain. The Resort V2 Camber profile offered enough camber underfoot, providing a stable and controlled platform to march my way to the top.

The transition at the top was quick and easy. The pre-cut Union skins were lightweight and folded up nicely in my pack. The Union board clips slid together smooth and snug to make for a solid connection once the Union Explorer bindings were reattached to the board.
I was lucky enough to get the CAPiTA Mega Split on a handful of tours with varying conditions. Tour #1 featured clear sky and no new snow. The snow was firm in the morning then softened up for some great corn snow conditions. I really enjoyed the downhill on the Mega Split this day because it really held an edge through icy sections while remaining snappy and explosive out of turns. It was amazingly fast and held a smooth glide through flatter terrain thanks to the pro tune on the base. Tour #2 offered less than ideal conditions – rain soaked pow. I made the most of it on this day and opted for a small tour at our local hill. The snow was heavy and not great for a lightweight splitboard. I could feel the thick snow push the board around, and it made for some uncomfortable rides that day. For Tour #3 conditions were all time, about 8 inches of fresh with overcast sky. It was noticeable how much float the Mega Split had for only being a 159. The camber section between the binders provided some power to smash a turn into the white room. My favorite moment was stomping a couple of small cliff drops and riding away with a big smile on my face!

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆


  • Lightweight – makes the uphill part that much easier
  • Pro base tune – amazing glide and speed for navigating all types of terrain
  • Rides like a solid – extremely adjustable clips to create a seamless connection between the two planks


  • Lightweight – heavier chopped up snow pushed the board around
  • Directional twin – I’d prefer a more directional shape for deep pow missions
  • Price – you gotta pay to play!

Who Is It For?

The Mega Split is built for the all-mountain freestyle rider that wants the top-of-the-line splitboard to take their skills into the backcountry. It does not matter the type of terrain or snow; the rider is looking for an elevated splitboard to turn the backcountry into a playground. Perfect for those who prioritize speed, both uphill & down, while wanting a splitboard that rides like their favorite solid snowboard. The CAPiTA Mega Split is built for high-end performance while remaining remarkably fun & playful.

The Bottom Line

Congrats, you made it this far! If you cheated and skipped to the end, no worries, I’ll give you the TLDR… The CAPiTA Mega Split is the board for the experienced backcountry rider who is ready to drop in on one of the most teched-out speed machines in the splitboard universe. There is no compromise on the materials and construction used here – only the best. Think about picking up this splitboard if you already love the CAPiTA Mercury and want to explore the backcountry on the top-of-the-line CAPiTA model. Get it before it’s gone!

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2023 CAPiTA Mega Split Reviewer

About the Reviewer

Name: Stew Langer
Age: 32
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 220 lbs
Size Reviewed: 159
Location(s) & Conditions: Washington
Bindings: Union Explorer (Size L)
Boots:  Vans Hi-Standard Pro (Size 11)
Riding Style: Fast and loose. I’m down for anything on the mountain – park, pow, sidehits, groomers, you name it and I’ll shred it.

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