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Bike Chamois & Liner Shorts

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Every cyclist wants to be as comfortable as possible, and to avoid any saddle related discomfort - this means avoiding chafing and padding your sensitive backside areas. This is where bike chamois and liner shorts come in. These padded undershorts help to keep you comfortable even on the longest rides. We recommend that all cyclists invest in a few good pairs of chamois, especially beginners and riders just getting into mountain biking. Having proper protection will help you focus on riding and having fun, and not the literal pain in your behind

Chamois come in several different styles, most common are shorts and bibs. Some bibs are meant to be worn as your outer layer, while others are meant to be worn under bike shorts. You may be tempted to go for the most cushioned chamois you can find, but some of the nicest bike chamois and liner shorts are actually thinner. Thick padding packs down and can actually be less effective.

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