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Urban & Commuter Bike Helmets

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About Urban & Commuter Bike Helmets at evo:

These brain buckets, or bike helmets if you prefer, will be your go-to, day in and day out. This is the bicycle helmet you’ll pick up when you’re cruising to work or down to the local park to watch the sunset. It is so important to get a urban or commuter helmet that you like, because that means it is a bike helmet that you will actually wear. We don’t want to sound like a preaching parent, but bike helmets are an absolute must - your head is too important to not protect it.

These urban and commuter helmets are perfect for cruising around town and getting to work. They offer great comfort and street-savy styling -- believe it or not there’s a reason why designers and engineers create both road- and mountain-style lids. If you’re trying to step up your biking game and hit the trails, you’ll want to look towards a dedicated mountain bike helmet, however, so that you can optimize protection.

Not sure how to pick out a bike helmet? Check out our guide to choosing the right helmet, and maybe get learned on some slick safety technologies like MIPS. Stay safe out there and have a great ride!
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