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Salt Lake City Ski & Snowboard Tuning, Waxing, Binding Mounting & Repair

All shop services are first-come, first-served and cannot be reserved as an appointment.

ski tuning machine

Tune Up & Take Off

Skiing and snowboarding can be harsh on gear, especially here in the rugged Wasatch, and there’s nothing worse than slow boards and dull edges. Thankfully, the team at evo Salt Lake has the tools and experience to keep your skis and snowboards tuned up and ready to rip all season long. We can help get your brand new skis or snowboard mounted and ready to go or revive your old gear from the brink of the garbage can. evo's Salt Lake store takes pride in every piece of equipment we work on. Our tunes and mounts are all done by hand with the assistance of top-of-the-line machines. We offer many ski and snowboard service levels, from a quick hot wax to a full stone grind and hot wax applied by hand. Bring your gear down to evo, and we will help you pick a service that fits your needs.

Ski & Snowboard Services & Pricing

The evo Salt Lake service shop crew has years of experience, sharpening, waxing, and repairing skis and snowboards. From a basic tune-up and wax, to repairs from the gnarliest of wipeouts, we’ve got you covered. We’re proud to offer quick turnaround times all year long, but things can get busy once the snow starts to fall. Call in to the shop to get the current lead time on ski and snowboard tunes and service.

Ski Mounting

Standard Ski   Mounting 0/3$55Pricing if no items (skis, boots, bindings) purchased at evo.
Standard Ski   Mounting 1/3$50Pricing if one of three items purchased at evo.
Standard Ski   Mounting 2/3$35Pricing if two of three items purchased at evo.
Standard Ski   Mounting 3/3FREEPricing if all three items purchased at evo.
Re-Mounting$65Glue and plug old holes, determine desired mounting location, set jig, drill ski, add glue in holes, mount bindings, adjust forward pressure, set DIN, function test bindings, belt wax.
Binding Calibration$20Adjust binding to the boot, set DIN, perform function test, belt wax.
*Mounting discounts will be applied with each purchase of a single pair of Skis, Boots, and Bindings. This discount is exclusively applicable to the items included in the current purchase.

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Snowboard Mounting

Snowboard Mount $15Mount bindings to snowboard

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Ski Tuning & Snowboard Tuning  

Deburr & Hot Wax $20Hand wax, scrape extra wax off, polish base
Edge & Wax $40Sharpen base edge, sharpen side edge, polish pass on stone, detune, and belt wax
DPS Phantom
 Learn More
$120Professional application of DPS Phantom base treatment with the certified Phantom Cure Station -- eliminates the need to wax ever again!
DPS Phantom + Standard Tune
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$170Minor p-tex, stone grind until flat, sharpen base edge &  side edge, polish pass, and detune + Professional application of DPS Phantom base treatment with the certified Phantom Cure Station.
Basic Tune $50Stone grind until flat, sharpen base edge, sharpen side edge, polish pass, detune, and belt wax
Standard Tune $60 Minor p-tex, stone grind until flat, sharpen base edge & side edge, polish pass, detune, and belt wax
Premium Tune $70Major p-tex/core shots, stone grind until flat, sharpen base edge & side edge, polish pass, detune, and hotwax. +$10 for extra p-tex beyond what is included in tune (this includes core shots and welds).
Other Repairs Call for estimateEdge repair, base patch, epoxy work, etc
Snowboard Binding Removal $15Leave your bindings on your board and have us remove them
Hand Wax Add On $10Add a hand wax to any tune

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Skin Trim$35-$50Cut the skins to match the ski profile, and attach tip and clips if needed.
Splitboard Binding Mount 0/2$60Install bindings on splitboard, check all hardware and make any necessary adjustments for boot.

Pricing if no items (board, bindings) purchased at evo.
Splitboard Binding Mount 1/2$30Pricing if one of two items purchased at evo.
Splitboard Binding Mount 2/2FREEPricing if all items purchased at evo.
Air Canister Refill$20Purchase of canister: 1st fill free. Purchase of canister and bag: free fills for 1 year. The customer provides O-rings & seals
Cross Country Mount$30-$35Skate, SNS, NNN, 3-Pin

Ski & Snowboard Boot Service

Learn about the evoFit Comfort Guarantee

Ski Boot Purchase & FittingFREEAssistance finding the right boot and evoFit package for you with mild customization.
Custom Ski Boot FitVaries by serviceIn depth fitting, involving ski boots and custom footbeds or liners.
Snowboard Boot   Purchase & FittingFREEAssistance purchasing and fitting new snowboard boots. 
Snowboard Boot   Heat Mold$10Custom molding your previously purchased snowboard boots.

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Ski & Snowboard Service Glossary:

Belt Hot Wax - An automated machine-driven process that leaves your skis or snowboard fresh and ready to ride. This is the basic quick wax. (wax applied by heated belt, scraped, and buffed

Hand Hot Wax - The hand wax offers a fine attention to detail that can't compare to a heartless machine. We'll be sure to cover those hard to reach places. For the hand wax, we use temperature specific wax that is applied by iron and thoroughly heated, cooled, scraped, and then brushed with a bronze brush. Then it's brushed again with nylon and finally horse hair. Very thorough.

Belt Grind - The belt grind is a form of base flattening using 5 different gritted lubricated belts. It removes imperfections; it also smoothes and flattens out the base of the ski or board so you're reducing friction and getting a smooth ride.

Edge Grind - Our edge grind is a form of side edge beveling and sharpening that leaves your ski and snowboard edges in prime condition for tearing through snow. In addition this process also removes oxidation and nicks or burrs from the edges by grinding the ski or snowboard against a lubricated beveled belt. The result is sharp edges that perform better and last longer.

Stone Grind - The stone grind tells you everything about your tune. A good structure or pattern can allow you to glide in that spring slush or prevent your skis from sticking in that dry cold sticky snow that we rarely have in the PNW. The easiest way to think about structure is to compare it to the treads on a tire. The treads on a car tire are there to move water out from under the tire and give you traction just like what structure does for your ski or board! Heat naturally occurs as you glide along on your bases; that heat creates a suction and if you have the right structure and wax for the current conditions you will glide through the different conditions effortlessly.

Ceramic Edge Grind - Edge beveling, polishing and sharpening using an automated machine that grinds the side and base edge of the ski or board using a lubricated ceramic stone that hardens the metal in your edges which makes them last longer and more resilient to unseemly encounters with rocks and the like.

De-Tune - This is the process of dulling your ski/snowboard edges at the tip and tail. Although some people find the concept of de-tuning counterintuitive, it is actually performed as a means of reducing the ski’s tendency to "hook" the snow during the turn. If you have a tendency to “catch an edge,” your skis may need a bit of de-tuning. Also many park and pipe riders like their ski or board to have a "heavy de-tune" so they don't catch edges on boxes or rails and some just want that "buttery" feel. Ask for a "heavy de-tune" if this applies to you.

Minor P-Tex - Up to 4" of P-Tex drip candle applied to fix gouges and scrapes on the base that do not penetrate completely through the base material.

Base Weld - When a rock or other element damages the bottom of your ride, it can leave a deep enough impression in your base to expose the ski or snowboard's core. This is affectionately known as a core shot. The process of fixing a core shot involves heating, laying and compressing new base material into the repaired area to seal from water and protect the core of the ski or board from the elements so your ride will propel you down the mountain consistently for years to come.


Ski & Snowboard Service & Tuning Resources

In addition to ski and snowboard service, the team at evo has a deep knowledge of all things snow that we love to share with our customers and the greater Salt Lake City community. Check out some of our resources that will teach you more about our team of ski techs, your skis or snowboard, and how to keep them tuned up and running well. We love skiing and snowboarding and want to make sure you do, too. Having a properly maintained setup is step number one to having a great time, no matter where or how you ride. These resources will help you know when and how you might need to turn experts like our team at evo Salt Lake.