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Giro Tor Spherical Helmet Review

By: Elias Belzberg, Sales Associate | August 30, 2022

2023 Giro Tor Spherical Helmet

The Lowdown

While getting a new helmet isn't quite as exciting as getting the pair of skis/snowboard you have been dreaming about all season, a good brain bucket is one of the most important things to have on the mountain. There are many different helmet manufacturers and models to choose from, each with their own safety features and design philosophies so picking the right helmet for you can be a daunting decision. The Giro Tor is the perfect helmet for anyone who doesn't want to compromise on safety, fashion, or functionality. The Tor features Spherical MIPS, a safety technology unique to Giro that allows the helmet to excel in both rotation and impact protection. The Tor provides ample venting and an insulated liner, so I never felt too hot or too cold. The brim fit well with my Oakley Flight Deck XLs and the slight bill prevented condensation and snow from getting between the goggles and helmet. As someone who has mainly used Giro helmets, the fit of the Tor felt familiar but slightly shallower. I would recommend this helmet to anyone who wants to protect their head and look good at the same time.

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Technical Details

The Giro Tor boasts some impressive safety technology like Spherical MIPS, while still having a fashionable and sleek design. Helmets are usually good at protecting against direct impacts, but many are not suited to protect against rotational impact. That is where Spherical MIPS comes in. MIPS, or multi-directional impact protection system, allows the outside of the helmet to rotate free from the head essentially giving your brain time to react to what the helmet is doing. Spherical MIPS is an upgraded version of the basic MIPS system that is found in many helmets and allows for more degrees of freedom with the entire inside of the helmet able to rotate free from the exterior. I found that the Spherical MIPS system made the helmet fit a bit shallower on my head compared to other Giro helmets like my old Giro Union. While this fit change was definitely noticeable, it wasn't enough to make the helmet not fit my head.

Another big feature of the Tor is the adjustable venting and insulated liner. I never found myself to be too hot even during spring conditions. Not to worry though if you do run hot, as the earpieces are removable. The bumpy design on the top of the helmet is pretty unique, adding some texture and making a cool two-tone design. A small but much-appreciated detail is the magnetic Fidlock which allows you to unbuckle the helmet with even the most cumbersome of mitts on.

The profile and brim fit well with my go-to pair of goggles, the Oakley Flightdeck XLs, which are definitely above average in size, so I'm confident the Tor will go well with your current goggles even if they aren't Giro. The back of the helmet has a pulldown style goggle latch that stays in place and doesn't stick out too far from the helmet. I find that Giro helmets fit rounder than other brands like Smith, and the Tor is no exception, so if you're like me and have a rounder head this helmet will fit comfortably.

Sizes S, [M], L
Construction Hybrid Construction
VentilationThermostat Control™ Adjustable Venting
TechnologyMIPS® Spherical, Magnetic Fidlock Buckle

Ride Impressions

The Giro Tor is great for anyone who values looks as much as safety, and doesn't want to compromise on either. I have taken this helmet through rain and pow, and it has performed well in both. While I would recommend this helmet to every rider in the resort, the Tor does have a noticeably shallower fit compared to other Giro helmets, so if you have a bigger head you may want to look elsewhere. But if you noticed other Giro helmets being a bit too big I would definitely recommend trying on the Tor or another Giro Spherical MIPS helmet as they do have a slightly different fit. Overall I am very impressed by the Tor, from build quality to technical features, Giro did everything right!

Rating: ☆☆☆☆


  • Helmet looks great.
  • Fits goggles perfectly.


  • Fit different than other Giro helmets (This could be a pro if you have a smaller head).

Who Are They For?

I would recommend the Giro Tor to almost every rider on the resort as it has a great mix of both technical features and style making it great for resort and even backcountry. While my head never got too hot, if you were looking for a touring helmet there are lighter and better vented options out there. If you want to rip up the resort and need a safe yet stylish all mountain helmet, the Tor is for you.

The Bottom Line

From magnetic Fidlock to Spherical MIPS and great adjustable venting, the Giro Tor has every safety and convenience feature I look for in a helmet, beating most of the competition. While the Tor did feel slightly shallower than other Giro helmets, it still has the great Giro head shape that fits comfortably on people with rounder heads like me. If you need a new helmet or are looking to upgrade to something a bit safer or with more features, the Tor is a great no-fuss option for every rider.

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From the Brand


Whether you line up with friends for fresh morning corduroy or meet up with your crew to tour a favorite backcountry spot, the new Tor™ Spherical helmet lays down the perfect blend of fit, protection, temperature control, and styling. For the highest levels of protection, the Tor features Spherical Technology™, powered by Mips®, which reduces rotational energy during certain impacts through our unique two-part construction. For managing all weather conditions, we integrate our adjustable Thermostat Control to give you the power to regulate your temp. Armed with our InForm 2 Fit System, a Fidlock magnetic buckle and breathable Wikpro Grid Fleece, the Tor lets you quickly dial in your fit and comfort.

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2023 Giro Tor Spherical Helmet Reviewer

About the Reviewer

Name: Elias Belzberg
Age: 20
Height: 6’ 1”
Weight: 215lbs
Size Reviewed: M
Location(s): Mt. Baker, Crystal Mountain
Fit Preferences: Comfortable
Riding Style: Resort, All Mountain

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