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2024 K2 Mindbender 106C Skis Review

By: Andrew Bellanti, EDI Coordinator | Last Updated: July 24th, 2023

2024 K2 Mindbender 106C Skis Review

The Lowdown

The 2024 Mindbender 106C skis are a new addition to K2’s popular all-mountain lineup. Squeezing in with a waist width just under the Mindbender 108 TI, the new 106 C brings something to the table that feels both familiar and new at the same time. Aimed at the freeride skier looking for one ski to do it all, this ski packs a lot of versatility in. It’s designed to feel at home in anything from firm, choppy conditions to knee deep powder. It’s lighter than the Mindbender Ti offerings and feels much nimbler and quicker all around. The profile mimics the rest of the Mindbender lineup with a longer than average turn radius paired with reasonable rocker lines and a traditional mount point. These skis are a versatile option that blur the line between stability and float, but the 106C certainly feels like a more manageable and forgiving offering than the popular Ti all-mountain options in K2’s line.

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Technical Details

Like the other Mindbender C models, Spectral Braid is at the heart of the construction here. K2’s unique design allows them to tune torsional and longitudinal flex separately. This gives them the ability to improve stability and edge hold without making the ski overly stiff. However when hand flexing the ski, I wouldn’t say that this is any softer than other skis in Mindbender line. I compared the rocker profile to the 108 TI and the 106 C has longer splay in the tip and tail. This goes hand in hand with keeping the ski more playful and maneuverable especially in softer snow. When most of my friends were reaching for skis that were 120mm underfoot, I had no second thoughts reaching for these. One of the most exciting updates is the use of K2’s Bio Resin. Resin is a large contributor to a skis carbon footprint and by using the Bio Resin, K2 estimates a 30% reduction in each ski’s footprint. 
Sizes (cm) 169, 176, 183, [189]
Dimensions (Tip, Waist, Tail - mm)137 - 106 - 127
Turn Radius (m)18.9 meters @ 183 cm
Weight (g)2089 grams @ 183 cm
Core MaterialAspen Veneer
LaminatesSpectral Braid, Bio Resin, Uni-Directional Flax
Camber ProfileAll-Terrain Rocker (Rocker/Camber/Rocker)

Ride Impressions

I tested the 189cm size in the Mindbender 106 C. While this is longer than I would normally ski, I found the ski very intuitive and easy going in that length. I found this ski to feel much closer to skis I have skied in the mid 180cm range rather than skis at 190cm. If you find yourself feeling in between two lengths I would give the nod to the longer size here. In softer snow, these skis are some of my favorite for the 100-110mm waist width category. The longer tip and tail rocker give this ski incredible float, you can really drive the skis through the tips in deeper conditions. They felt stable at speed in softer snow and were easy pivot. They had a surfy feel to them that I really haven’t felt in such a directional ski. The ski is on the stiffer end of the spectrum which helped it to push through tracked up snow easily, and the longer radius here keeps it from feeling catchy. In firmer conditions off trail, the ski doesn’t have quite as strong an edge hold as some but does a decent job staying composed. It was easy to shut speed down fast when needed again due to the tip and tail rocker. On groomed trails, the ski tends to have a dead feel on edge until reaching higher speeds. The longer radius that makes this ski so great off trail does make it feel like less of “carvy” option, but I don’t think that this is a bad thing. If I was planning to ski anything away from the groomers and wasn’t sure of the conditions, I would always be confident grabbing this Mindbender 106 C.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆


  • Incredible float for the width
  • Longer turn/sidecut radius feels very natural at high speeds
  • Great swing weight for a ski that still charges


  • Doesn't feel lively at lower speeds
  • Lacks top end stability of metal laminated skis in firm conditions
  • Recommended mount point is very traditional, some skiers may find it hard to drive the tips

Who Is It For?

For skiers that want a more traditional feeling freeride ski that can handle any terrain and conditions in the Western US and beyond, this is a great choice! While a 106mm waist width is often considered all-mountain these days, I think this fits the bill of a freeride ski much better. If your preference is for bigger, open turns and you typically like skiing faster, this ski will feel very comfortable all around. It feels like some of the popular chargers on the market, but without that feeling of always having to have your foot on the gas. At just over 2,000 grams a ski, it strikes a very reasonable balance of stability while still feeling nimble. You could easily throw hybrid touring binding on them as well for some backcountry laps.

The Bottom Line

As I mentioned earlier, I’m really impressed with how K2 has differentiated this ski from the others in their lineup. I appreciated the longer radius and balanced weight in a time where there’s been a huge push for short radiuses and minimized weights. The Mindbender 106C feels natural at higher speeds but still makes you want to pop off every natural feature in sight and slash your way down any face. This ski certainly has me considering narrowing down my quiver a little, it really does a great job of making the most of any conditions off trail.

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K2 Mindbender 106C Skis Review Author

About the Reviewer

Name: Andrew Bellanti
Age: 27
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 165 lbs
Size Reviewed: 189 cm
Location(s) & Conditions: Snowbird, UT / Jackson Hole, WY / Deer Valley, UT
Mount Point: +2 cm from factory recommended line
Bindings: Tyrolia Attack 14 GW Ski Bindings
Boots: Lange RX 130
Riding Style & Ability Level: All-mountain/freeride expert with a directional preference.

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