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2024 Lib Tech Off Ramp Snowboard Review

By: Duncan Philip, evo Whistler Retail Associate  |  Last Updated: March 30th, 2023

2024 Lib Tech Off Ramp Snowboard Review

The Lowdown

From the minds of Phil Hansen and Matteo Soltane comes the new Lib Tech Off Ramp Snowboard. Lib’s newest jib stick aimed at the creative, clip-stacking, high-fiving park rat. Built to slide steel, tweak grabs and press and contort to your desire. This true twin, pill-shaped skateboard style deck is loaded with full traditional camber (C3) tip to tail, with a playful but aggressive 7/10 flex. The graphics story will appeal to groms and legends alike with a base design that will have you flashing method grabs at the homies all day long! Not a park rider? You will enjoy the carve power of full camber with the added grip on mini-magnatraction and a poppy playful ride. Proudly built in the in the Mervin factory using zero hazardous waste and power from renewable sources.

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Technical Details

The Off Ramp is loaded contact point to contact point with Lib Tech’s C3 Camber profile. However, unlike other C3 snowboards this does not have a mild rocker section in between the feet, making this very much a traditional camber profile that will suite the purest snowboarder. Paired with dulled out or mini Magne-traction for grip in firm and icy conditions. The core consists of 75% Aspen and 25% Paulownia wood put side by side with tri-ax and bi-ax glassing for a damp and press-able, yet strong and aggressive ride. The base is sintered for maximum wax absorption, glide, and easy maintenance. Perfect for slamming into some steel. This board sits right between the Box Scratcher and Box Knife in Lib Tech's freestyle/park lineup. The Box Cutter being their rocker dominant easy rider, and the Box Knife being their all-mountain freestyle offering.
Sizes (cm)  151, 154, 157, 157W
Shape True Twin
Dimensions (Tip, Waist, Tail - mm) 293 - 253 - 293
Sidecut Radius (m) 8.2 @ 154cm
Rocker/Camber Profile C3 Camber
Flex Rating Medium
Core 75% Aspen / 25% Paulownia
Laminates Traixial / Biaxial Fiberglass
Binding Compatibility 2 x 4 Insert Pattern

Ride Impressions

I rode the 154cm Off Ramp for the review, which was super fun for my weight, however with my 11.5 boot size would work better with 157W size.

This board comes with a symmetrical 7 out of 10 flex which you can really feel between the feet with a soft buttery nose and tail. It’s perfect for locking into rails and pressing but not a noodle!

For a jib Board, The Off Ramp charges on a high speed groomer. The heavy, traditional camber and leveled up stiffness between the feet keeps the board stable at high speeds. Even on a board which is a little short for myself I never felt the desire to stomp on the breaks. The off ramp will have you riding confidently towards the fastest features.

With a stiffer belly and softer tips I worried this board would be all press and no pop, however Ollies on this board are a dream. Skateboard style ollies happen without much input. However, load the tail a little longer and unleash the full slow barrier ollieing power of this board!

With the stability of this board (at speed) already evident from my groomer test. I was itching to point this at some jumps. It handles small/medium kickers with ease and gives good pop if you are trying to get extra height for those bigger tricks. Large/X-Large features shouldn’t worry you either. The stiffness in the guts of this board, paired with a full-camber profile make it very stable when exiting the lip and gives to a great platform to chuck bigger spins and ride powerfully.

The natural wood core in this board gives a damp, spongy (in a good way) feel to the nose and tail when buttering. The board starts to press right outside the bindings which lets you push presses right into the ground. This board however is no noodle and will kick back if you don’t load it properly.

Built with jibing in mind, the board presses very well and the torsional flexibility wraps around a rail very comfortably for that locked on feeling. The nimble side cut helps you get in the right position when approaching features, even on with the afternoon break bumps and ice patches.

Full traditional camber with a pill shaped nose and tail give you the longest running edge possible for the size of board ridden. Carving on this board was a dream! Added mini Magne-traction keeps you stood up through those icier patches.

The Off Ramp was not designed specifically with all mountain riding in mind. The reduced volume nose and tail and central stance aren’t going to help on a deeper day however it did hold up when dipping off-piste with a little driving. The intermediate to advanced rider will have no problems, however if you want this to be an all-mountain machine the Box Knife is the Off Ramp’s all mountain cousin.

First impressions were good. The board hits you straight in the face with its glossy top sheet and rad base design. Its everything I could want in a park and jib board, especially with Black Park on Blackcomb Mountain in mind (steep and fast). The right flex. The right landing gear. However, I feel the price is a little out of budget for the average park rider. The guy who beats up his board in the park all season might not jump in double footed when there are similar boards with a way easier to swallow price tag.

Burton Blossom – Burton Freethinker - Salomon Huck Knife – Bataleon Evil Twin – Jones Tweaker – Salomon Abstract

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆


  • Great edge hold. Whether ripping roomers or hucking off lips. Full camber + Magnatraction = fun.
  • Durability. A beefy core with UHMW sidewalls and tip/tail impact deflection means you can put this board between you and the steel with confidence.
  • Stiff enough for riding all over the mountain, yet soft enough to really manipulate the flex.


  • Expensive for a jib board. Comparable boards from other brands are much friendlier on the wallet. Especially for a board which is built to destroy.
  • Not the most all-mountain friendly for a resort like Whistler Blackcomb.

Who Is It For?

The new Lib Tech Off Ramp Snowboard is geared towards the intermediate to advanced park rider, jibber, street rail enthusiast. Not “my first park board” with its stronger flex and aggressive camber profile. It can be a little unforgiving on a flat base when not paying attention. However, this board gives you everything a seasoned park rider needs to get creative and ride aggressively.

The Bottom Line

So, what's the deal with the new Lib Tech Off Ramp? It’s full of camber and full of fun snowboard for the intermediate to advanced park rider. Its comfortable on both rails and jumps of all sizes and it flies on a top to bottom run if the groomers are too good to pass up. Though not considered an all-mountain board on Whistler Blackcomb terrain, it will hold up very well on a smaller mountain with lesser storms. Likeable to boards like the Burton Blossom and the Salomon Huck Knife with a couple of technical differences and, I think, a better graphics story. Be confident putting this board between you and your favorite park feature.

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Lib Tech Off Ramp Snowboard Review Author

About the Reviewer

Name: Duncan Philip
Age: 32
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 80 kg (176 lbs)
Size Reviewed: 154 cm
Location(s) & Conditions: Whistler Blackcomb (Black Park) -2/28 degrees, sunny with patchy clouds, and a recent dusting of 5cm. Snow was soft with pow patches, perfect grooming, chunder on the sides and spring slush on the ride out. Park condition: A+
Stance: 20.5" -6/+12
Bindings: Union Ultra (Size L)
Boots: Vans Invado Pro (Size 11.5 US)
Riding Style & Ability Level: Skate style park rider. 30+. finding a new love for freeride/all-mountain with an intermediate to advanced ability.