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Twin Tip Skis

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About Twin Tip Skis at evo

When twin tip skis were first introduced, they were treated as a  terrain park-only product, designed only for new school skiers who liked to spin and ski backwards. Since then, however, the category has grown to include skis that will appeal to any kind of skier, from young children to experienced adults.

Twin tip skis give you the option to ski backwards if you’d like to, without compromising your traditional ski experience. This means they work well for aspiring freestyle riders, as well as more traditional skiers who want to be able to slip backwards while negotiating technical terrain.

Twin tip skis also reduce the effective edge of a ski, meaning less of the ski comes into contact with the snow. This makes the ski feel shorter than the stated and measured lengths. It also means that the tails of the ski will release out of turns more easily, making them more “surfy” and easier to ski. So whether you’re a park skier, or a directional all-mountain skier, check out our selection of twin tips skis.

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