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Fruita & Grand Junction
Mountain Bike Trail Guide

Fruita is a legendary mountain bike destination, with hundreds of miles of some of the best mountain biking in Colorado. Located close to the Colorado and Utah border, the mountain biking in Fruita is a combination of styles from the two states; the trails have the rock of the Utah desert and elevation the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Visiting bikers will love exploring the great flowy ridgelines, and challenging technical routes, Fruita has it all.

Plenty of camping, including in the middle of the 18 Road trail system, and other lodging, make Fruita and Grand Junction popular mountain biking trip destinations. 18 Road is famous for the fast and smooth trails snaking down desert spines. The Lunch Loops trail system in Grand Junction, meanwhile is a playground for technical mountain biking. The rock features here give Moab a run for its money. Just to the west, the Kokopelli’s trails offer flow, technical rocks, and stellar views on the high desert ridges. All of this great mountain biking concentrated near Fruita and Grand Junction make the area ripe for a bucket list mountain bike trip, especially when combined with the legendary trails of nearby Moab.

Fruita & Grand Junction Mountain Bike Trails Map

Mountain Biking Trails Near Fruita & Grand Junction

Our Favorite Mountain Bikes for Fruita & Grand Junction

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