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The 10 Best Electric Mountain Bikes of 2023

By: Colin Edwards: Bike Buyer | May 25, 2023


Electric mountain bikes are revolutionizing the off-road cycling experience, opening up new possibilities for adventure-seekers and avid mountain bikers alike. By combining the adrenaline-pumping excitement of traditional mountain biking with the added boost of electric assistance, e-MTBs allow riders to conquer challenging terrain and explore further than ever before. When searching for the perfect e-MTB, it's crucial to consider factors such as power, weight, range, and overall versatility to ensure that you're investing in a ride that will elevate your off-road experience to new heights.

New This Year:

In 2023, the e-MTB landscape is evolving rapidly, with manufacturers pushing the boundaries of design and technology to deliver lighter, more powerful, and increasingly versatile bikes. The latest models boast improved battery capacity, allowing for extended adventures and enhanced handling, making navigating even the most demanding trails easier. In addition, some brands are taking innovation a step further, introducing options that seamlessly transition between electric and analog riding, like the groundbreaking Transition Relay. As we explore the best electric mountain bikes of 2023, prepare to be amazed by the cutting-edge advancements transforming the world of off-road cycling and redefining what's possible on two wheels.

Yeti 160E T1 E-Mountain Bike

Yeti 160E T1

The Yeti Cycles 160E T1 E-Mountain Bike is Yeti's first eMTB, and boy, is it a doozie. Designed to win races, this thing is nothing short of a beast. Yeti has taken their time in making a race bike, choosing to make sure they did it right. They've designed a brand new suspension system that allows this bike to be a full 29er but with short chainstays. The 160E is much more than a big bike electrified, it's been designed from the ground up to just be plain fast, all around. With an XT drivetrain, EP8 motor, and Fox's best suspension components, you're looking at a dependable and extremely fast bike. This is a true race machine.

Wheel SizeRear Travel (mm)Battery SizeOriginal Price
29"160630 Wh$12,700

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Orbea Rise H30 E-Mountain Bike 2023

Orbea Rise H30

Expand your horizons in terms of both distance and capability with the Orbea Rise H30 E-Mountain Bike. Built to enable you to have that best ride of the year a few days in a row, the Rise H30 E-Mountain Bike is powered by a Shimano EP8 RS motor that's been tuned to give the most natural feeling ride on the market. The power comes on smoothly and intuitively, boosting your legs with up to 60Nm of assist: enough to fly up those hills without feeling like you've become a passenger. The next wave of trail riding is here, bringing us more of the good stuff more often.

Wheel SizeRear Travel (mm)Battery SizeOriginal Price
29"140540 Wh$5,299

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Santa Cruz Heckler 9 MX C S E-Mountain Bike

Santa Cruz Heckler

Whether the Santa Cruz Bicycles Heckler 9 MX C S E-Mountain Bike is named after the nine Muses of Greek mythology, the Future Interstate 9 through central California, or the symbol for the Chinese dragon, we may never know. Nine hours of high power trail riding? You might get there, actually. There's no ebike on the planet with the skillset of this trail ripper, that's for sure. How they've packed such a long-lasting and powerful battery and motor in such a nimble package is definitely magic. Combined with the do-it-all balance of mixed wheel sizing, solid suspension, and Santa Cruz ride characteristics? We say "ja" to this nein!

Wheel SizeRear Travel (mm)Battery SizeOriginal Price
29" Front | 27.5" Rear150720 Wh$12,700

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Orbea Rise M10 E-Mountain Bike 2023

Orbea Rise M10

While most eMTBs are getting heavier and harder to wrangle, the Orbea Rise M10 E-Mountain Bike goes in the complete opposite direction. Weighing in the low 40-pound range, this 140mm travel trail bike weighs only slightly more than many conventional enduro builds, with a lightweight carbon frame and parts spec that lets Orbea use a much lighter drive unit and battery setup. The result is an eMTB that feels familiar, something you can pedal with the motor off and throw around to your heart's content. Designed with MTB purists in mind, this lightweight ebike leads the heavyweights into the future.

Wheel SizeRear Travel (mm)Battery SizeOriginal Price
29"140360 Wh$8,599

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Santa Cruz Bullit MX CC S E-Mountain Bike

Santa Cruz Bullit

The Santa Cruz Bicycles Bullit MX CC S E-Mountain Bike would be a bargain at twice the price. How could that possibly be, you ask, with those impressively crooked numbers on its price tag? Well, in short, this bike will change your life. It's a Nomad with its own personal shuttle driver included, except that instead of driving up fire roads, you'll be flying up the trail on your way to your favorite DH runs. So you can sell your Nomad. And your DH bike. Because this does everything those bikes do, just twice as fast and three times as often. Nobody would ever say a heart transplant was too expensive. And this is even more important.

Wheel SizeRear Travel (mm)Battery SizeOriginal Price
29" Front | 27.5" Rear170630 Wh$10,699

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Scott Genius eRIDE 910 E-Mountain Bike

Scott Genius eRIDE 910

The Scott Genius eRIDE 910 E-Mountain Bike takes one of the best all-mountain bikes on the planet and adds pedal assist and a long-lasting battery. When the trails keep going and there's plenty of light left, you can ride safe in the knowledge that you've got the juice to continue. And with an external auxiliary battery, you may not even need that. Rolling on 29" wheels and aggressive trail geo that can be locked out with the flick of a lever, even the dimmest among us can feel like a Genius rider!

Wheel SizeRear Travel (mm)Battery SizeOriginal Price
29"150625 Wh$6,499

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Transition Repeater Carbon NX E-Mountain Bike

Transition Repeater Carbon

Deep in the soggy woods of Washington's Olympic Peninsula, where gigantic sea eagles and moss monsters roam, aggressive mountain bicycle luminaries have secretly convened. Putting their unreleased ebikes through their paces at an invite-only enduro race, the bike companies have been busy. The Transition Repeater Carbon NX E-Mountain Bike is a late entry to the e-scene, as the rider-focused company wanted to ensure they had the best ebike possible. An electrified mutant version of their amazing all-mountain Sentinel, the Repeater does everything you'd like it to do, again and again and again. As far as the results of that latest e-bike shootout? The Repeater is the reigning champ.

Wheel SizeRear Travel (mm)Battery SizeOriginal Price
29"160630 Wh$8,199

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Transition Relay Carbon GX E-Mountain Bike 2023

Transition Relay Carbon

Billed as "the mountain biker's ebike," the Transition Relay Carbon GX E-Mountain Bike is a huge step forward in bike technology. As an ebike, it's a lightweight and nimble mid-power (60Nm) go-anywhere ripper with the aggressive geo and excellent ride quality you'd expect from a Transition. But, when you take the battery out, you can still pedal it. Yeah, that's right, it really is two great bikes in one, convertible between lightweight eMTB and traditional enduro bike. Further still, the frame allows for tinkering with the setup as well, with the ability to take air or coil shocks, 160 or 170mm travel, and/or mixed wheel sizing. There are like a half dozen dream bikes here, one for pretty much anything you're into. There's never been a better time to be a mountain biker: get on it!

Wheel SizeRear Travel (mm)Battery SizeOriginal Price
29"160430 Wh$8,799

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