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2023 Fischer Ranger 102 Ski Review

By: Dan Silverberg, Studio Manager | June 22, 2022

2023 Fischer Ranger 102 Skis

The Lowdown

The Ranger 102 is Fischer’s new do-everything resort ski for seekers of soft snow. Fischer is Austria’s last family-owned ski manufacturer, and they’ve come a long way from the family barn in the Alps almost 100 years ago. These days, Fischer is best known for Olympic domination in alpine and nordic racing of the skinny ski variety, but with the birth of their Ranger Series a few years back, they've been demanding the attention of modern freeriders too.

The new Ranger 102 follows in the footsteps of the previous Ranger 102 FR – which developed something of a cult following due to its stiff, burly performance characteristics and unmistakeable hot pink topsheet. This new Ranger 102 sits in the middle of the next generation of Fischer’s freshly revamped Ranger family. While this 2023 Ranger 102 descendant may not come in pink, it is an all-mountain pow blaster that will delight off-trail skiers and hang tough as a capable on-piste carver that can maximize any and every day on the snow.

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Technical Details

As part of Fisher’s new Ranger collection, the Ranger 102 effectively replaces the renowned Fischer Ranger 102 FR. What is the difference between the Fischer Ranger 102 and it's Fischer Ranger 102 FR predecessor, you ask? Great question!

The biggest difference is in the construction. Some of the skinnier Ranger Ti models of the past Ranger lineup were known for being very stiff with full sheets of Titanal. The wider Ranger FR models instead only had Titanal underfoot, accounting for more playful handling but diminished performance on hard snow. In the quest for a single all-mountain ski, both the Ranger Ti and the Ranger FR models had their compromises.

Starting with the new 2022-’23 Ranger lineup, Fischer is using Shaped Ti construction, where each ski in the Ranger lineup now has a custom-cut Titanal plate to match that specific ski’s design and purpose. The new Ranger 102 has less Titanal along the length than narrower Ranger models, which basically means a playful balance between agility and stability.

Otherwise, the Ranger 102 shares roughly the same shape, rocker profile, and turn radius as the previous Ranger 102 FR. They also share the same sandwich sidewall construction, but the Ranger 102 drop’s the FR’s carbon and clocks in at 2050 grams per ski (at 183cm length). At this weight, the Ranger 102 is not ideal for lugging uphill, but that’s a personal choice. What it is ideal for is blasting downhill.

Sizes (cm)  155, 162, 169, 176, [183], 190
Dimensions (Tip, Waist, Tail - mm) 138 - 103 - 128
Turning Radius (m) 19
Weight (g) 2050
Camber Profile Rocker / Camber / Rocker 

Ride Impressions

If you’re guilty of dismissing Fischer as a manufacturer of Euro-style skinny skis built for burly Olympic Super-G or cross-country shuffling (not for fun all-mountain skiing) then it’s time to pay attention. While Fischer’s skinny ski heritage has been more focused on aggressive downhill performance, Fischer has gone all-in on all-mountain with the new Ranger lineup. And with the perfect everyday width, the Ranger 102 is the most all-mountain of them all.

The Fischer Ranger 102 is a flat-out thrill to ride around the resort. It is an ideal daily driver for those inclined towards soft snow. While the dimensions and rocker profile are perfect for playing in powder, this ski really is equipped for anything, and comes in handy navigating the inevitable inbounds variable conditions. Camber underfoot means locking into big sweeping carves is no problem, with poppy power transfer and predictable stability. Even snow snobs appreciate confidently cutting through chopped up mank and holding an edge on refrozen ice. 

The Ranger 102 is called twin-tipped, though it might not be a “twin” in a strict sense of the word, since the tip and tail are not identical. Let’s just say it has some good tail splay. That moderate tail rise is great for drifting out of turns, but let’s call it more like fraternal twin-tips than identical twin-tips. The freeski tip and tail rockers reduce the contact area, ensuring edges are ready to release on a dime to smear off speed. This makes the ski very maneuverable in challenging off-trail conditions. 

When it comes to powder, off-piste, and groomers, the Ranger 102 checks all the boxes. The Ranger 102 delivers in all conditions while maintaining the ideal qualities for the soft snow that brought you out there in the first place.

This ski may not be the best option if you stick to groomed runs, since a skinnier ski may be easier to lay on edge and carve. Likewise, if you’re putting together a lightweight touring setup for longer excursions, you may be better off looking for something at least a couple hundred grams lighter per ski. And if there’s an all-time storm day, you might be looking for something a little fatter to provide a bit more float. But all of those options are more specialized and less versatile than the Ranger 102.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆


- A do-it-all inbounds ski.
- Smashes pow and stomps landings with authority.
- Blasts through chop on the runout.
- Snappy and energetic carver on-piste.


- Jack of all trades, master of none.
- Not ideal for the deepest of pow days.
- While capable, not the best for carving.
- Relatively hefty weight; ideal for inbounds, not touring.

Who Are They For?

The ideal rider persona for the Ranger 102 is an inbounds soft snow hunter who flows between fresh, tracked, and groomed snow. This skier likes to transition seamlessly with confident and snappy momentum through the best and worst of snow conditions. When every inbounds day is an all-mountain adventure, exploring off-piste for fresh snow, this rider appreciates that the Ranger 102s are ready to get rowdy off trail and still put down carves once back on the groomers.

The Bottom Line

If you’re a thrill-seeking skier who likes to float through fresh, stomp your airs, blast through chop, and carve back to the lift, you’ll enjoy taking the Ranger 102 out for a ride. This ski is a versatile and confidence-inspiring tool capable in all conditions. The new nonchalant graphics and colors belie the fun factor of this ski and many will mourn the passing of the beloved pink Ranger. But don’t be mistaken: this new Ranger 102 is a worthy successor and a good ol’ time. If you generally head to the resort when there is soft snow, this is the do-it-all ski that sounds like a compromise but honestly isn’t. If any given day means fun all over the mountain, from off-trail to groomers and everything in-between, and you could use a new go-to ski for all but the deepest days of the year, the new Ranger 102 might be the ski for you.

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2023 Fischer Ranger 102 Review

About the Reviewer

Name: Dan Silverberg
Age: 36
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 190 lbs
Size Reviewed: 183 cm
Location(s): Crystal Mountain, WA / Summit at Snoqualmie (28-32°F, 4-8" New and Snowing)
Mount Point: Factory Recommended
Bindings: STH2 WTR 13
Boots: Salomon S/Pro 130
Riding Style: Average powderhound and alpine corn aficionado. Found in the trees on storm days traversing for fresh tracks, touring minigolf lines after the storm, and enjoying long walks in spring sunshine before corn o’clock.

From the Brand

The Ranger 102 has always been ahead of its time, and the next generation provides
more of everything skiers loved about the pink 102 FR predecessor.

More playful, more forgiving, and more fun for more skiers.

Poplar/beech wood core with the single shaped Ti layer extending from underfoot
towards the tip and tail mean this is a one-ski quiver option for skiers who prefer soft
snow but always want to ski more no matter the conditions.

All models feature a shaped Titanal layer that is longer in the narrower models and
shorter in the wider models. The TI layer also features a Flex Cut underfoot that is bigger
in the wider skis and smaller in the narrower models.

Two different color options, but the skis are otherwise the same.

The hot new Celeste color is available in the full size run, while the darker blue option is
available in the longer lengths.

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