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2024 Burton Short Stop Snowboard Review

By: evo Employees  |  Last Updated: July 24th, 2023

2024 Burton Family Tree Short Stop Snowboard Review

Review Summary

Avg. Tester Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆ (4.8/5)

The 2024 Burton Short Stop Snowboard receives positive reviews from riders with varying preferences and riding styles. Despite being marketed as a powder board, it showcases impressive performance on groomed runs as well. The board features a stiffer flex with a directional, weight-shifted shape, allowing for quick and responsive turns. It excels in carving and holds an edge exceptionally well, making it a versatile all-mountain option. The long and fat tip suggests excellent floatation in powder, although this aspect was not tested by all reviewers. The construction of the board, including the stiff tail and volume shifted shape, contributes to its stability and speed. Riders praise its fun and snappy flex, although launching ollies with the shorter tail might require some adjustment.

While it is recommended for experienced riders rather than beginners, those familiar with Burton's Family Tree line will appreciate the stiffer and more responsive nature of the Short Stop. Overall, it is regarded as a standout board, offering a combination of powder prowess and groomed run performance. Sizing down from typical all-mountain board sizes is advised to maximize its potential, especially in powder conditions.

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Technical Details

"[The Short Stop] is a powder board focused on having a nimble/quick surfy style riding. Both short and wide, this is a stiffer and more responsive board than the Pow Wrench."  Burton Logo

Available Sizes (cm)  142, 150, 156, 162
Shape Directional
Rocker/Camber Profile Directional Flat Top™
Flex Rating 4 - 7 (Medium - Aggressive)
Core Dragonfly™ 600G Core
Laminates 45° Carbon Highlights High Voltage
Binding Compatibility The Channel

Expert Testers & Methodology

Why should you trust evo's Field Tested Reviews? Great question! Over this past winter, evo employees from our various locations across Washington, Oregon, Utah, Colorado and Whistler were selected to provide long-term testing of next year's hottest new skis and snowboards. Employees were also invited to attend exclusive multi-day demo events where brands — like Burton — showcased their upcoming products for the 2023/2024 winter season. By collecting unbiased, in-depth reviews from our most experienced skiers and snowboarders, we hope to help you find the best gear to maximize your fun in the mountains!

Testing for the 2024 Burton Short Stop Snowboard:
We had five different testers with decades of snowboarding experience each spend extensive time testing out the all-new Burton Family Tree Short Stop Snowboard. As both intermediate and advanced riders with a diverse background of snowboarding experience across a variety of mountains, conditions and terrain, they independently compiled their thoughts and each provided us their individual reviews below.

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Tyese Messerman

Customer Care Representative

Tester Rating: 5-Stars
Tester Ability Level: Advanced
Size Tested: 142 cm
Testing Location: Mission Ridge, WA

An epic ride for intermediate & experts alike.

"I'm predominantly a lover of off-piste powder and trees, with a freestyle flair. I feel like I should love the stiffest and the fastest, but I like a little bit of a softer flex to hit wind lips and side hits any chance I get. I was able to test the Burton Short Stop in a 142cm. I am 5'7" and 130 lb, so I worried this would be too small for me, but it turns out it was just right. The other swallow tail boards I've ridden are pretty soft and aren't able to compete in the carving world, but this board blew me away, it was another level. It really stood out as an all mountain ripper. It has a pretty stiff tail which helped it to carve like it was a board meant solely for carving. The long and fat tip most likely would float through powder effortlessly, although I sadly had no powder to try it in. I expected this to be a straight up powder board, and questioned whether I should even demo it on groomers, but I was shocked at how fast I could go on it while still feeling totally in control. It wasn't chattery, it went through icy chunder well, and it held an edge amazingly. I even hit three medium sized jumps on it and it was super fun. It has a fun & snappy flex, and the only thing I would have to get used to is when to launch my ollie with such a short tail!"

Katie Yaguchi

Customer Care Representative

Tester Rating: 5-Stars
Tester Ability Level: Advanced
Size Tested: 142cm
Testing Location: Mission Ridge, WA

Best board I've ridden this season!

"I cannot wait to own this board, I absolutely loved it! This board completely shocked me! I thought it was going to have a ton of chatter & would be awful riding on a super groomed run since it looks like a powder board-right? WRONG-this board has an extremely stiff tail & with the construction of volume shifted shape it ripped. This board was super zippy and was so fun to carve on. I instantly fell in love with how fast and stable it was and I can only imagine how incredible this board would be on a powder day with that beautiful big nose in the front! Exceptional edge hold & was so fun to ride!"

Sam Sok

Data Specialist

Tester Rating: 5-Stars
Tester Ability Level: Advanced
Size Tested: 150 cm
Testing Location: Mission Ridge, WA

Get this board ASAP!

"One of the best boards I've ridden! It is a weight shifted board so you'll want to size down. I'm 5'5 170lbs and rode the 150. Like doing tree runs? This board is super responsive and turns quick! Like carving? This board holds an edge well and cuts through the snow like butter! Stable at high speeds and decent pop. This will definitely be my everyday board and would recommend this to anyone!"

Anati Sasry

Senior Merchandise Planner

Tester Rating: 5-Stars
Tester Ability Level: Intermediate
Size Tested: 142 cm
Testing Location: Mission Ridge, WA

Such a fun ride!

"I was skeptical taking this board out on a groomer day since this is a powder board but wow was I surprised in how much fun I had. I'm 5'1, 130lbs and rode the 142cm which was perfect for me. It felt easy to turn with and easily cut through bumps. I can't speak to how it'd do in powder but it is part of Burtons Family Tree line which have never disappointed me in pow. For those familiar with the Pow Wrench, this Short Stop model will be a bit stiffer and more responsive."

Mackensie Baer


Tester Rating: 4-Stars
Tester Ability Level: Advanced
Size Tested: 142 cm
Testing Location: Mission Ridge, WA

A killer powder board!

"I loved the Short Stop! I rode the 142cm (I am 5'2"/125lbs). This board definitely excels in powder, so I would recommend sizing down from your typical all-mountain board size. Although this board is meant for deeper days, the stiffer flex of the Short Stop offers killer stability when charging hard-pack groomers as well. Additionally, the short and wide shape contributes to the responsiveness of this board."


  • Versatile for a Powder Board: The board performs exceptionally well in powder conditions, offering excellent floatation and stability. It also surprises riders with its ability to carve on groomed runs, providing a fun and fast experience.

  • Quick and Responsive Turns: The weight-shifted design and responsive nature of the Short Stop allow for quick and nimble turns, making it an excellent choice for riders who enjoy tree runs and maneuvering through tight spaces.

  • Edge Hold and Stability: Riders praise the board's edge hold, noting that it cuts through snow like butter and maintains stability even at high speeds. It offers a reliable and confident ride in various snow conditions.


  • Not for Beginners: Some reviewers caution that it may not be the best choice for beginners. Its specialized design and stiffer flex may limit its versatility in certain terrain and conditions.

  • Adjustments Required for Ollies: One reviewer mentions that launching ollies with the Short Stop's shorter tail requires some getting used to. This aspect might require riders to make adjustments in their riding technique.

  • Lack of Powder Testing: Although the board is designed to excel in powder, not all reviewers had the opportunity to test it in deep snow. While the design suggests it would perform well in powder, this aspect is based on speculation rather than direct experience in the reviews provided.

Who Is It For?

The Burton Short Stop Snowboard is best suited for intermediate to advanced riders who enjoy a combination of off-piste powder riding and carving on groomed runs. It caters to snowboarders who appreciate a slightly softer flex for hitting wind lips and side hits, while still maintaining stability and control at higher speeds. The board's weight-shifted design and responsiveness make it ideal for riders who enjoy quick turns, tree runs, and carving. While it performs exceptionally well in powder, riders looking for a versatile all-mountain board will also find the Short Stop to be a reliable option on groomed runs. It may not be the ideal choice for beginners due to its stiffer flex and specialized design.

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