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2024 CAPiTA Aeronaut Snowboard Review

By: evo Employees  |  Last Updated: June 29th, 2023

2024 CAPiTA Aeronaut Snowboard Review

Review Summary

Avg. Tester Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆ (5/5)

The 2024 Capita Aeronaut Snowboard receives glowing reviews from a variety of riders, highlighting its versatility, performance, and modern design enhancements. It is a true quiver killer, impressing both advanced all-mountain freestyle riders and twin riders seeking a powder board with tricks in mind.

Reviewers praise the board's directional shape, which holds freestyle genes and features a stiff, poppy tail for boosting side hits. The elongated nose provides a keen sense for butters, while the reliable sidecut ensures a well-rounded experience. Carving on high-speed groomers is a standout feature, with the board excelling in stability and speed. Its low swing weight allows for effortless spins off park jumps, further adding to its versatility.

Despite not being tested extensively in powder, reviewers believe the Aeronaut would perform admirably due to its responsive and nimble nature. The traditional poppy and snappy camber, combined with superior edge hold, ensure precise and enjoyable turns, with impressive edge precision and maneuverability on display.

In summary, the 2024 Capita Aeronaut Snowboard is a highly recommended choice for riders seeking a versatile all-mountain deck. It combines the best of both worlds, appealing to advanced all-mountain freestyle riders who prefer directional boards and twin riders looking for a powder-capable board that can still handle tricks. With its modern design enhancements, reliable edge hold, and exceptional performance on groomers, the Aeronaut proves itself to be a true winner for a wide range of riding styles and terrain.

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Technical Details

"Designed in collaboration with Arthur Longo, the Aeronaut is a respectful nod to the 90s; a directional, cambered snowboard that can meet the most demanding all-moun-
tain pursuits your resort has to offer."  Burton Logo

Available Sizes (cm) 153, 155, 157, 159, 161
Shape Directional
Rocker/Camber Profile Alpine V3
Flex Rating 6
Core Panda Hover Core™
LaminatesAmplitex™ V-Tech Amplifier
Binding Compatibility 2 x 4

Expert Testers & Methodology

Why should you trust evo's Field Tested Reviews? Great question! Over this past winter, evo employees from our various locations across Washington, Oregon, Utah, Colorado and Whistler were selected to provide long-term testing of next year's hottest new skis and snowboards. Employees were also invited to attend exclusive multi-day demo events where brands — like CAPiTA — showcased their upcoming products for the 2023/2024 winter season. By collecting unbiased, in-depth reviews from our most experienced skiers and snowboarders, we hope to help you find the best gear to maximize your fun in the mountains!

Testing for the 2024 CAPiTA Aeronaut Snowboard:
We had three different testers with decades of snowboarding experience spend extensive time testing out the all-new CAPiTA Aeronaut Snowboard. As advanced and expert riders with a diverse background of snowboarding experience across a variety of mountains, conditions and terrain, they independently compiled their thoughts and each provided us their individual reviews below.

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Landon Harmon

Data Specialist

Tester Rating: 5-Stars
Tester Ability Level: Expert
Size Tested: 161 cm
Testing Location: Mission Ridge, WA

3, 2, 1, Blast Off!

"I'm 6ft 185lbs with a 10.5 boot and I've been riding for 21 years. I was able to test this board in the 161cm size on a hardpack groomer day with the Union Atlas size M. You've seen Arthur ride, now you can try to be a rocket man yourself. This board delivers, it was my favorite of all I demoed this year and is a true quiver killer for most riders. The directional shape holds freestyle genes in every inch. The tail is stiff and poppy allowing you to boost those side hits into euphoria. The elongated nose has a keen sense of smell for butters and a reliable sidecut rounds this board out. Due to conditions I was carving on high speed groomers and this board excelled, I have no doubt it would be the same in powder. It had a low swing weight for a board of this size and I had no problem spinning off a park jump on it. I'd recommend this board to an advanced all mountain-freestyle rider who likes riding directional boards. Or for the twin rider looking for a powder board that can still hang with all the tricks they can think of."

Todd Cohn

Customer Care Representative

Tester Rating: 5-Stars
Tester Ability Level: Advanced
Size Tested: 157cm
Testing Location: Mission Ridge, WA

Awesome all-mtn board for intermediates and experts!

"Had the opportunity to demo this board on a groomer day and this was the only board I kept for a couple extra laps! This board is responsive but still felt nimble and not overly aggressive. I'm about 5'11" 170lbs with size 10.5 boots and I really enjoyed bombing groomers and even hitting a little park on this board (157cm). I didn't get a chance to take this into powder but my hunch is it would do great in fresh snow as well."

Brad Simpson

Customer Care Representative

Tester Rating: 5-Stars
Tester Ability Level: Expert
Size Tested: 157 cm
Testing Location: Mission Ridge, WA

Feels like a Space ride!

"This board takes me back to the Capita classics like the Stairmaster, except with modern enhancements, design, and tech. This board offers that traditional poppy and snappy camber, superior edge hold, and lightly responsive feel. It has awesome edge precision on carves and great turn-ability. Hard charging steep lines, speed stability on groomers to whipping through the trees and even solid float in pow. A truly versatile all mountain deck that does it all!"


  • Versatility: The Aeronaut is praised for its versatility, making it suitable for various riding styles and terrain. It performs well as an all-mountain freestyle board and also excels in powder.

  • Carving Performance: Reviewers highlight the Aeronaut's exceptional carving abilities on high-speed groomers. It provides stability, speed, and impressive edge precision, allowing riders to confidently carve turns.

  • Responsive and Nimble: The board is described as responsive and nimble, offering a lively and enjoyable riding experience. This responsiveness contributes to its versatility across different terrains.


  • Not Overly Aggressive: Some riders may prefer a more aggressive board, and the Aeronaut is described as responsive but not overly aggressive. This could be a downside for those seeking an extremely high-performance or aggressive board.

  • Limited Park Features: Although the board can handle park features and spins off jumps, it may not offer the same level of performance as dedicated park-specific boards. Riders focused primarily on park riding might prefer boards specifically designed for that purpose.

  • Limited Powder Testing: While the board shows potential in powder based on speculation from reviewers, its actual performance in deep snow is yet to be fully tested. Riders who prioritize powder riding may seek out specialized powder boards for optimal performance.

Who Is It For?

The Capita Aeronaut Snowboard is best suited for advanced all-mountain riders who like to sample everything their resort has to offer. Its versatile nature allows it to excel in various terrains, including high-speed groomers, park features, and potentially in powder conditions.

The board's directional shape, combined with a stiff and poppy tail, makes it ideal for riders who like to boost side hits and perform tricks while maintaining stability. The elongated nose enhances buttering capabilities, appealing to those who enjoy adding style and creativity to their riding. It's a good choice for riders looking for an all mountain board that can still handle tricks. It offers the potential for solid float in powder while maintaining the ability to perform freestyle maneuvers.

Overall, the Capita Aeronaut Snowboard caters to riders with advanced skills and a preference for all-mountain versatility. It suits those who enjoy a blend of freestyle riding, high-speed carving, and potentially exploring powder, making it a great choice for riders who want a do-it-all board.

2024 Capita Aeronaut Snowboard
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