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2025 Jones Tweaker Pro Snowboard Review

By: evo Employees  |  Last Updated: April 28th, 2024

2025 Jones Tweaker Pro Snowboard Review

Review Summary

Avg. Tester Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆ (3.75/5)

Our testing team had the opportunity to hit the slopes with the 2025 Jones Tweaker Pro, and they’ve shared their first-hand experiences. The Jones Tweaker Pro stands out with its significant camber, offering an energizing ride filled with pop, though it can feel a bit challenging for those unaccustomed to its assertive edge. Designed predominantly for the advanced to expert riders, this board demands a skilled hand, or it will "ride you," as one tester put it.

Max Garvey found the board a tad small for his size but appreciated the lively feel that the camber provided. He notes that it's excellent for a creative rider looking for a responsive board. Trevor Snow praises the board’s adaptation from the original Tweaker, pointing out improvements like a stiffer flex and enhanced dampening, making it ideal for aggressive park riding, particularly on big jumps and rails. Jeremy Dorczuk commented on its performance on hardpack, highlighting how the board's design makes it a powerhouse for those looking to maximize airtime and performance on groomed runs. Lastly, Jess Garcia appreciated its performance but noted it was a bit slow edge to edge due to the board size relative to her boot size, still recommending it for those looking for a stiff and poppy twin board.

Overall, the Tweaker Pro by Jones is a testament to power and precision in a snowboard, best suited for those who know how to handle its vigorous personality.

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Technical Details

"The Tweaker Pro is a supercharged true twin featuring a full camber profile that's built for high speed terrain park trickery and ripping lines in any terrain."  Jones Snowboard Logo

Available Sizes (cm)  146, 149, 151, 154, 156, 157W, 159
Shape True Twin
Rocker/Camber Profile True Camber + 3D Contour Base
Flex Rating 4/5 (Med Stiff & Lively)
Core Power Core
Laminates Koroyd, Carbon/Innegra Reinforcement, Triax Fiberglass
Binding Compatibility 2x4 Inserts

Expert Testers & Methodology

Why should you trust evo's Field Tested Reviews? Great question! Over this past winter, evo employees from our various locations across Washington, Oregon, Utah, Colorado and Whistler were selected to provide long-term testing of next year's hottest new skis and snowboards. Employees were also invited to attend exclusive multi-day demo events where brands — like Jones — showcased their upcoming products for the 2024/2025 winter season. By collecting unbiased, in-depth reviews from our most experienced skiers and snowboarders, we hope to help you find the best gear to maximize your fun in the mountains!

Testing the 2025 Jones Tweaker Pro Snowboard:

In assessing the 2025 Jones Tweaker Pro, we enlisted four of our evo employees, each bringing a mix of advanced to expert snowboarding abilities and styles that span all mountain and freeride to groomers and carving. These evaluations took place across three notable locations: Brighton, UT; Loveland, CO; and Mission Ridge, WA, challenging the board in a variety of conditions and terrains. The diverse experiences of our testers ensure our review encapsulates a comprehensive and unbiased perspective, making it a reliable resource for those considering the Jones Tweaker Pro. Scroll down to read each tester's detailed perspective.

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Jeremy Dorczuk

Store Supervisor - Denver Store

Tester Rating: 4-Stars
Tester Ability Level: Expert
Size Tested: 151 cm
Testing Location: Loveland, CO

Engaging and fast....Oh! And it will throw you into the air with no mercy.

"Coming off the Jones Tweaker the Tweaker PRO is 100% the big brother to the normal Tweaker. While I would not take this board everywhere on the mountain due to its twin design and massive amount of camber (6mm) makes this board difficult to ride and will be a back leg burner in soft snow, but, is great everywhere else. I would grab this board on a nice blue bird day and hardback. I have never boosted off a side hit so far and effortlessly than I have on the Tweaker Pro. I admittedly rode this at the end of my day and my legs were very fatigued and I wasn't even trying to pop off stuff, but this board has a mind of its own and would throw me up in the air. With that being said, I would recommend this board to advance-expert as it is very aggressive. If you are not riding it, it will ride you, so buckle up!"

Trevor Snow

Boot Fitter - Denver Store

Tester Rating: 4-Stars
Tester Ability Level: Expert
Size Tested: 156 cm
Testing Location: Loveland, CO

Great for the aggressive park rider

"An awesome adaptation on the original Tweaker from Jones! With a stiffer flex and more camber than the original, this board wants to be ridden hard. Adding Koroyd to the nose and tail makes for great dampening on landing and keeps the swing weight low for rotations. This park would be best at home hitting bigger jumps and owning the rails."

Max Garvey

Service Shop Technician - Salt Lake City Store

Tester Rating: 3-Stars
Tester Ability Level: Advanced
Size Tested: 156 cm
Testing Location: Brighton, UT

This board has a lot of camber! Definitely designed for a more advanced rider.

"I rode this board in a 155 and it was very small for me at 5'10, 230 pounds. It has a ton of camber which makes it have a lot of energy and pop, but the edges did feel a little catchy. Great board for a creative rider that likes some pop and life in their board."

Jess Garcia

Store Lead - Seattle Store

Tester Rating: 4-Stars
Tester Ability Level: Advanced
Size Tested: 156 cm
Testing Location: Mission Ridge, WA

Super sick high preforming stiff twin

"I am around 5'9", 125 lbs, and I wear a women's 7.5 boot. I tried out the Jones Tweaker Pro in a 156 and I WISH it was a bit smaller (luckily for me they make a smaller size). The board is definitely a high preforming park/all mountain twin. I took it down some sweet groomers and it was a bit slow edge to edge but I believe that to be because of my boot size and not the boards fault. For it being a bigger setup than I am used to, it was super lightweight! Would recommend for those looking for a stiffer twin that likes to pop off everything or for those looking for a stiff all mountain twin."


  • Energetic Pop: The substantial camber design of the Tweaker Pro offers a lively feel with lots of energy, ideal for riders who enjoy a dynamic and responsive board.

  • Improved Dampening: With the addition of Koroyd in the nose and tail, the board provides excellent dampening on landings, enhancing control and reducing fatigue during aggressive park rides.

  • High Performance on Hardpack: This board excels on groomed runs, providing remarkable responsiveness and rebound, making it amazing for clear, crisp riding days.


  • Catchy Edges: Some testers noted that the board's edges could feel a bit too grabby, potentially leading to unintended catches, particularly for those not used to aggressive camber.

  • Demanding Ride: Its stiff, full camber design demands a lot from the rider, potentially leading to fatigue, especially in softer snow conditions where the board's aggressiveness could be overwhelming.

Who Is It For?

The 2025 Jones Tweaker Pro is ideally suited for advanced to expert riders who thrive with a stiff and energetic board beneath their feet. This model excels for those who enjoy both park and all-mountain riding, particularly in harder snow conditions where its camber profile shines by offering outstanding pop and responsiveness. Its stiff build and aggressive nature make it perfect for riders who want to push their limits on big jumps and fast, groomed runs.

However, due to its demanding characteristics and considerable camber, it may not be the best choice for beginners or those who prefer a more forgiving, flexible ride. Riders who spend a lot of time in soft snow or powder might also find the Tweaker Pro challenging as it's designed to perform best on hardpack.

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