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2023 K2 Antidote Snowboard Review

By: Landon Harmon, Data Specialist | June 20, 2022

2023 K2 Antidote Snowboard

The Lowdown

The K2 Snowboards Antidote lives up to the name as it is the perfect concoction for a 1 board quiver. It’s got all the ingredients you need for taking your riding to the next level, want to boost sidehits with no fear, stomp the landing on the jump you and your buddies built, or ride an epic powder line? The Antidote is your answer. This board features a tried-and-true camber profile and with a stiffer flex it can charge - you think Sage would expect anything less? It is freestyle in heart, the twin shape paired with the 3D lifted edges past the contact points help this board instill confidence in your riding. The Antidote also wants to be ridden fast. The wax infused sintered base is ready to roll out of the package and will ensure you have enough speed for that gap you’ve been eyeing. Pick up the Antidote if you are looking for one board to ride the entire mountain and to handle bigger features.

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Technical Details

The Antidote is packed with tech no matter where you look on the board. Starting with the base, it features a high speed sintered base with a stone ground finish making this board an absolute rocket! Looking inside the board, you can see the extensive Carbon Darkweb layup which boosts the boards stability and responsiveness edge to edge. This unique layup helps this board charge while keeping it lightweight.

Lastly, I’ll highlight the 3D profiling in the tip and tail. The subtle lift around the nose makes you forget you’re on a twin when you get into the powder. It not only helps with float but also makes this camber dominant board feel catch-free and playful for freestyle. The tip and tail are also milled out giving you less swing weight.

Sizes (cm)  145, 148, 151, 154, 157, [158W], 159, 161W, 162, 163W
Rocker Type Camber
Shape Directional Twin
Flex Rating Stiff (8 / 10)
Dimensions (Tip, Waist, Tail - mm)  308 - 262 - 308
Sidecut Radius (m)  9.5 ​/ 6.9 ​/ 9.5
Stance Setback (in)  0.75

Ride Impressions


The Antidote has ample float which would surprise you unless you had a closer look at its shape. With the 3D profiling this board is fully capable of riding deep powder no matter the conditions. I was able to test in both dry and hot pow which really showed how this board can handle it all. I should also touch on the pop, especially the pop it gives when in the powder. This board can snap out of turn or crack an ollie at a moment’s notice, giving it an irresistible freestyle feel on or off the groomers.


With the Carbon Darkweb this board is super responsive making it great for carving. Whether they’re long drawn out carves or short quick ones, the Antidote can handle it. The stiffer flex can point it down the steepest run at your local resort without batting an eye. It does take a bit of effort to butter the board but the more you do the easier it gets. It’s fully capable of taking you to the next Knucklehuck.


This board really shines in the air; it has great pop on the takeoff of jumps, low swing weight due to the 3D core, and good landing gear with the twin shaped tail. This board can handle the big jump line at any park and even backcountry booters. It does get a slightly lower score in the rails category which is understandable with a board of this flex. It lacks the playfulness of some softer board which can make it feel cumbersome on smaller features. But this board is built to go big, get it on a larger rail or jib feature and it will feel right at home.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆


  • All-mountain freestyle machine; a one board quiver.
  • Responsive and stable at high speeds.
  • Very lightweight, making spins and flips easier.


  • Stiffer flex, unforgiving for lighter or intermediate riders.
  • Not as much float as a directional board but can still hang.
  • While capable, not the best for carving.
  • Doesn't perform as well on smaller rails/jibs as it does larger features.

Who Is It For?

The Antidote excels at high speeds, jumps and powder riding. It can rail a turn on a groomer but is not going to give you the carves of your dreams like some more directional boards will. However, if you are looking for a board to handle bigger jumps, pipe and backcountry riding it will have your back. Look at Sage’s riding, if you are inspired by his impressive all mountain freestyle in Natural Selection this is the board for you. I would recommend this board to advanced-expert riders or an intermediate looking for a beefy all-mountain snowboard to progress on.

The Bottom Line

The 2023 K2 Antidote Snowboard is performance driven with the latest technology to aid in the pursuit of taking your freestyle riding to the next level. From the 3D core, lifted contact points, carbon Darkweb, twin shape and down to the graphic this board is a standout. If you’re looking to go build jumps in the backcountry, ride the big jump line and hike powder runs on the same board this should be a top contender. It’s not for the meek but if you’re an aggressive rider or a larger one this will make a great sidekick to your snowboard ambitions! Grab the Antidote to all your snowboard problems and get to shredding.

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2023 K2 Antidote Snowboard Reviewer

About the Reviewer

Name: Landon Harmon
Age: 30
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 185 lbs
Size Reviewed: 158W
Location(s) & Conditions: Mt. Baker (Powder & Groomers)
Bindings: K2 Formula (Size L)
Boots:  Adidas Tactical ADV (10.5)
Riding Style: Anything and everything but preferably powder.

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