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2023 K2 Hanford Review

By: Tommy Kelly, IT Support Technician | September 28, 2022

2023 K2 Hanford Snowboard Boots

The Lowdown

The K2 Hanford is a boot that is fit for someone who finds themselves all over the mountain. With a dual zone BOA system, the rider is able to pinpoint how tight they would like their boot both around the calf and over the bridge of your foot, allowing for a true customized fit for each individual rider. Pair that with the heat moldable Intuition liner, and you will find yourself in a boot that has never felt so good in your life. As a mid-stiff level boot, the Hanford is just a smidge softer then the K2 Maysis, and just a bit stiffer then the K2 Boundary. A true intermediate / advanced style boot, so whether you are someone looking to progress or are a vetted shredder, you can be sure that this boot can keep up with whatever is thrown at it. 

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Technical Details

The Hanford is scaled at a 7/10 flex, which is equal to some other boots on K2’s line like the Maysis. The biggest thing that sticks out with this boot is how the BOA system laces it up. Unlike the Maysis, the Hanford utilizes a Dual-Zone style BOA system. This means that the front facing BOA laces up the top half of the outside lacing system, and the side BOA controls the bottom half of the outward facing laces. The inside lacing system has its own cinch system that controls how tight the inside liner hugs the person’s ankle and calf. 

Sizes (US)7 - 13
Flex7 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)

Ride Impressions

These boots fit great right out of the box. Looking back, I might have gone down a half size just to account for the boot packing out, but even without a proper heat molding, these boots felt great on my first day out. I am a bit old school and mainly use boots with laces, but the BOA system was a nice break from the usual labor that goes into taking boots on & off at the end of the day. Being able to adjust specific areas, i.e. loosening up the bottom half when I was taking a break at the lodge, was honestly game changing.

Although they are placed at a mid stiff level, I found that these boots had a softer flex to them than other boots advertised at a similar stiffness (K2 Maysis, Ride Lasso, 32 TM2). Great boot for someone looking for a true intermediate/ advanced boot, but not stiff enough to be considered an expert level by any means.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆


  • Comfortable out of the box.
  • BOA system makes it easy to adjust on the go.
  • Dual Zone system allows for full control of the outside laces.


  • Softer flex then some other boots labeled as 7/10.
  • No lacing system specific to the ankle means more heel lift.
  • Added BOA system can break if put under too much pressure.

Who Are They For?

These boots are a perfect fit for someone who is looking for a comfortable boot that isn’t stiff as a brick. The added flex makes these boots very versatile in tons of different terrain, and the added BOA system makes tightening or loosening the boots on the go simple and straightforward. A good boot to goof around in the park if you want something that isn’t extremely flimsy, but not too soft that you won’t be able to stomp a landing off of a kicker or dig into a toe side turn. As with all K2 boots, the Hanford feels as though it has a slightly wider toe box that helps folks like myself who have slightly wider feet.

The Bottom Line

Not only does the Hanford have a sleek and simple look to it, but the riding style also matches that same description. If you’re someone like me who spends 10 minutes at the beginning and end of each day lacing up boots, the BOA system is a welcomed feature that simplifies that whole process so you can spend more time on the slopes and less time at the car getting ready. Although it might not be the stiffest boot on the K2 line up, this boot isn’t afraid to show off its playful feel. When put to the test, it can really press onto the edges of any board, and the response you get when snapping from edge to edge makes connecting turns and bobbing through tree runs feel like second nature. 

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2023 K2 Hanford Snowboard Boots

About the Reviewer

Name: Tommy Kelly
Height: 6”
Weight: 155 lbs
Size Reviewed: 9
Location: Stevens Pass: powder day // Crystal Mountain: slush // Mt. Hood Meadows: fluff on crust
Bindings: Union Force
Snowboard: K2 Passport
Riding Style: Anything and anywhere: I find myself rolling down groomers, dipping through trees, and hiking lines if the weather permits. I've been riding for about 18 years, so I am pretty comfortable on the slopes.

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