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2024 Season Universal Snowboard Bindings Review

By: Chris Lovely, Store Supervisor  |  Last Updated: June 2nd, 2023

The Lowdown

New to the lineup, Season's Universal Snowboard Bindings are designed to be the perfect compliment to their line of Season Snowboards. Simple, timeless, and has the best features where it really counts.

When you're staring at a wall of bindings that are all claiming to make your dreams come true, sometimes you just want a straightforward binding to do it all. Season kept to their mantra of simplicity and longevity, focusing on what's going to keep a binding tried and true and built to last. Featuring a versatile mid-flex composite baseplate and high back for responsiveness and playfulness, exoframe straps for comfort, and EVA foam under foot for dampness, this binding has it where it counts.

Whether you're a casual rider that is looking for a good time on the daily driver, or an avid snowboarder who picks your board from a quiver based on the day, the new Season binding can unlock best in all of them.

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Technical Details

Built for the intermediate to advanced snowboarder, Season's Universal Bindings have a mid to stiffer flex. The composite baseplate promotes a natural torsional flex of the board offering the rider true board feel. The Exoframe style ankle straps while a little more oversized than some other ones out there, it evenly locks the rider in without sacrificing comfort. Canted footbeds offer better alignment of the ankles, knees, and hips. The highback flex offers plenty of response toe- to- heelside, while still keeping things playful enough to tweak that grab. Aesthetically, they are effortlessly timeless with the usual Season colorways and will look good without getting sick of them.


Ability LevelBeginner - Advanced
Flex Rating(1 Soft - 10 Stiff)
Binding StyleStrap
Mount Pattern Compatibility       2x4
WarrantyLimited Lifetime

Ride Impressions

Aesthetically, the Universal bindings have a classic Season look. Simple, clean, and timeless. They keep it simple and have all the top things a snowboarder loves in a binding (mid to stiff flex, good board feel, injection molded straps, vibration dampening).

I spent most of my time on these bindings with the Season Nexus Snowboard. Just like the Nexus, this quiver of one binding was designed to be playful and perform on any terrain. I spent all of last season on the Nexus and when matched with Season's bindings, I was confidently able to ride this board in all conditions, from windblown days above treeline, to slush slashing days in the park. I'd be confident to use these bindings on other styles of boards as well, from hard charging big mountain boards, to volume shifted pow setups.

Everything in Season's lineup is gender neutral, and the bindings are no different. I rode the size large (8.0-11.5). It was a little tougher to properly center myself on the board with a smaller boot (8.5), so heel drag is a risk. For those in the 8.0-8.5 range, I'd recommend using a Medium binding if on a narrower board. Being a smaller rider, I was on a 152 Nexus with a 251 mm waist width, so size up on the width if you use a large binding.

What I liked most about the bindings is the reliability they had as the terrain I rode varied. Most of my time on these bindings was at Loveland, which lies on the Continental Divide and with that has plenty of varying conditions. When above treeline, you're either on bulletproof groomers, navigating some ice, or making turns in yesterday's sun baked pow. These bindings helped keep my ride reliable in the aggressive stuff while still feeling surfy when I found soft snow. Mid-mountain I could confidently boost around some playful side hits and land with stability and enjoy some responsive turns in the trees as I neared the lift for more laps.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆


  • Versatile flex- Great blend of responsiveness and playfulness.
  • Comfortable Exoframe Straps. Really lock you in without sacrificing comfort.
  • Simple and timeless design.


  • While gender neutral sizing is a plus, finding the right size can be tricky for those in between sizes (5.5-8.5 for Medium, 8.0-11.5 for Large). I'd recommend the smaller size if in between.
  • Tool-less adjustment levers can be difficult to release when adjusting strap sizes.
  • No adjustability on heelcup or footbed to help center boot.

Who Is It For?

The Universal Bindings are great for the rider who appreciates simplicity, doesn't want to have to over think their binding game and wants to know they have a pair they can trust. If you roll up to the mountain with a down-for-whatever approach, the Season bindings are versatile to keep up with those ever changing aspirations while having it where it counts. You can use either on your daily driver, or with your whole quiver of boards.

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The Bottom Line

The Universal Bindings will compliment a rider who simply wants a quality binding they can trust and and wants to just get out and ride. It's versatile, timeless, and straightforward in performance. Whether you know what you like, or you want to progress and evolve your aspirations as a snowboarder, the Season binding will help you unlock those things you look forward to doing on a board.

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Season Universal Bindings Reviewer

About the Author

Name: Chris Lovely
Age: 38
Height: 5' 7"
Size Reviewed: Large
Location(s) & Conditions: Classic Loveland days-half of the time above treeline, half in trees. Snow conditions- mixed bag (next day leftovers, powder stashes, groomers, tree runs, side hits)
Bindings: Season
Snowboard Boots: K2 Ender (8.5)
Riding Style & Ability Level: All mountain playful. I love a good surfy turn and am always in search of a good banked tree run or side hit.

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