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2023 W's Union Ultra Bindings Review

By: Jess Garcia, Snowboard Sales Associate | November 11, 2022

Women's Union Ultra Bindings

The Lowdown

Say goodbye to the Milan and Contact Pro, and say hello to the new 22/23 Union Ultra, a binding of the same name for both men and women. Unlike the first Ultra, which was introduced back in 2015, these binders are more approachable and better than ever. These bindings are something you’d only expect to come from the Union team, with their eye for new innovation. Have you ever messed with the Forward Lean Adjustment on your freestyle binding? Oh! You have? Well, you don’t have to anymore with the Ultra. These bindings give you that quick edge-to-edge power that will surely impress, no FLAD necessary. And if you’ve never messed with your FLAD, expect something new and fun that’ll hold your turns and push you out of them. Comfort is the Ultra’s middle name, featuring a padded interior ankle strap with an exoframe construction for instant response. Underfoot, they’ve added increased cushioning and rebound for hard landings. The Ultra will give you one of the best rides you can have in terms of comfort and performance. This binding would be great for any avid rider that wants a more intuitive ride with more boot to board contact and less fatigue on the mountain.

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Technical Details

There's a reason Union is a household name when it comes to snowboard bindings. Their ethos comes from focus and dedication to making the best bindings on the planet. The Union team introduces a completely new highback construction for the Ultra by adding a thin layer of molecular bushing that creates a more reactive ride without FLAD. The same molecular bushing is added underfoot, making it 15% lighter for spring-loaded pops and cushioning on landings. TPE on the outsole adds another layer for vibration canceling. The asymmetrical baseplate removes any excess weight while adding strength and torsional flex where it’s needed. Finally, Union took away the canting on the baseplate for a more even surface underfoot. In addition to the updated chassis, the ankle straps offer a responsive exoframe construction with a padded interior for comfort and performance when needed. The Ultra fits perfectly in Union’s lineup of premium and high-performing bindings.

Ability LevelIntermediate - Advanced
Flex Rating6.5 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)
Binding StyleStrap
Mount Pattern Compatibility2x4, Channel
Weight780g (Size M)
WarrantyLimited Lifetime (Baseplates & Heelcups), 1 Year (All Other Parts)

Ride Impressions

I have been a longtime fan of Union binders. I have yet to have one break on me (knock on wood). I was surprised when I heard they were bringing back the Ultra and getting rid of the much loved Milan and Contact Pro (RIP). It did not make much sense to me until I rode the new Ultra. I love my Legacy’s and Trilogy’s but I believe the Ultra has taken their spot on top of my list.

Highback: I'll be honest, it’s extremely rare for me to mess with my forward lean, so to have a binding without it didn't feel weird at all. You can immediately feel the highbacks’ response. Once you hit the apex of your turn, the binding pushes you right back out of it.

Straps: I enjoy comfort, and the straps on the Ultra are extremely comfortable and responsive. The new ankle strap adds the perfect blend of comfort and performance- no hot spots coming from this ankle strap. The toe strap is very simple and I didn’t think it would hold up, but I am pleased to say I was wrong, and I enjoy the simplicity.

Baseplate: I was skeptical about Union not having a canted baseplate on the Ultra, especially since they’re a premium binding. That being said, I didn’t more experience any discomfort or fatigue than I have on my (canted) Legacy bindings. The feel underfoot is very intuitive and predictable. With the added molecular bushing and new TPE outsole, it made for a very damp ride.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆


  • Comfortable - especially in the baseplate and ankle strap
  • Fun and responsive highback
  • Quick and smooth ladder/ratchet system
  • No FLAD but still felt reactive with good edge control


  • Uncanted baseplate may be a drawback (I personally enjoy both canted and uncanted)
  • Only Union binding without FLAD

2023 Union Ultra Bindings Women

Who Is It For?

This will be an excellent binding for any avid rider that wants a responsive and comfortable binding. That rider that wants to feel their board bend underneath their feet and enjoys a surfier ride.

The Bottom Line

If you're a fan of Union bindings, especially if you have had one of their freestyle bindings, I would recommend you try out the new 22/23 Union Ultra. It’s one of the most comfortable bindings out there, that will also give you quick edge-to-edge control. This binding would be great for any avid rider that wants to feel their board bend underneath their foot as much as possible.

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Union Ultra Bindings Author

About the Reviewer

Name: Jess
Age: 28
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 125
Size Reviewed: Medium
Location(s) & Conditions: Major PNW resorts & Lee Canyon. Sweet cord & cascade concrete.
Board: Nidecker Venus
Boots: Ride Hera Pro 7.5
Riding Style & Ability Level: Trying to keep up with my skier friends

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