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Women's Mountain Bike Pads & Protection

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About Women’s Bike Pads at evo:

Mountain biking is a ton of fun, but even the best riders fall down sometimes. That’s why gearing up with women’s bike pads is an important step to staying safe on the trail. The level of protection that you personally need depends on the type of riding that you’ll be doing. The most commonly worn bike pads for women are knee pads and elbow pads, in addition to a mountain bike helmet of course.

These bike pads are typical stretchy sleeves with either soft pads, hard pads, or advanced materials that harden on impact. Ladies doing more cross country or general trail riding with more pedalling will want to look for pads with a slimmer profile, while riders tackling a lot of downhill or bike park terrain often prefer bigger pads with more protection.

In general, mountain bike pads are made to be unisex, and not specific to men or women. For riders really pushing their limits, back and spine protectors offer additional protection, these variants of mountain bike pads are sometimes women’s specific, built to fit different torso and chest shapes.
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