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Powder Skis

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About Powder Skis at evo

No piece of ski gear is quite as exciting as a good pair of powder skis on a deep day. Sure, they’re a little unnecessary when it hasn’t snowed in awhile, but when the conditions are right, powder skis are a recipe for cheek splitting grins.

Here at evo we’ve got the powder skis to make your deep snow dreams a reality. The most important question to answer before you choose your new powder skis is, “How versatile do I need these skis to be?” If your answer is, “I’ll only ski them on days with over 12” of fresh snow,” then go wild, dive into the world of super fat skis with reverse sidecut, and reverse camber, or maybe even a swallowtail.

However, if you’re planning on using your powder skis as a daily driver as well, we’ve got more conservative options that are still a blast in deep snow, but won’t leave you hanging when the conditions are less than optimal.

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