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About Splitboards at evo:

The invention of splitboards blew the doors wide open to the world of touring for snowboarders. These specialized backcountry snowboards allow for the same great downhill performance that you’re used to on a normal snowboard but with the added ability to tour far more efficiently than hiking in snowshoes.

A splitboard is exactly what it sounds like, a snowboard that splits in half into two “skis.” These “skis” are used with splitboard skins and special splitboard bindings to hike uphill and access backcountry terrain. Once you reach the top of your line, the splitboard connects back together with specially engineered clips to descend like just like you would on a normal snowboard. If you’re unfamiliar with any of these concepts or any of this gear, check out our guide to getting started splitboarding.

There are lots of different aspects to consider when choosing a split snowboard. In addition to normal considerations like riding style, width, and length, you will want to consider backcountry specifics like weight and clip style. Getting a splitboard with a familiar style to your inbounds board is a good way to start. As you ride in the backcountry more, you’ll get a better idea for what type of splitboard will suit you best. Checking out our helpful backcountry gear checklist and taking an avalanche safety course is always advised before venturing out.

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