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Powder Snowboards

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About Powder Snowboards at evo:

Yes, you can take any snowboard into the powder and have a good time, but there’s nothing like having the right tool for the job. Dedicated powder snowboards are a dream to ride in the soft stuff, providing effortless float and allowing you to make the mountain your canvas. Shop our massive selection of the best powder snowboards on the market.

What makes a snowboard good for riding powder? Everything from the shape of the snowboard to the rocker profile get tweaked to optimize it for deep snow performance. While a park snowboard or all mountain snowboard might be twin-tipped and symmetrical, powder boards often feature directional shapes and even some split swallowtail designs. A directional snowboard usually features a mounting point that is farther back on the board, too - this sinks your tail while rising up your tip, making it easier to surf through the snow and taking the weight and pain off your back leg.

Rocker is important in snowboards for powder, too. Reverse camber shapes help these snowboards float better in powder. Different rocker profiles also make powder snowboards more or less versatile, so make sure to take rocker into consideration. Check out out guide to snowboard rocker to explore different shapes.

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