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Moab Mountain Bike Trail Guide

By: Danielle Vilaplana, Product Content Writer (& former Moab local) | Last Updated: April 4th, 2024

Moab Mountain Bike Trail Guide - Photo by Justin OlsenAll Photos by Justin Olsen

Moab has hundreds of miles of singletrack mountain bike trails that are among the best in the United States. There are seemingly endless options in this mountain bike paradise, with trails crisscrossing the alien looking red rock landscapes. Moab’s trails are as beautiful as the views, with unique technical rides and big views through the southern Utah canyons. Among these trails are some of the best mountain bike trails on planet, like the Slickrock trail and The Whole Enchilada.

Moab’s huge rock slabs, and stunning canyon rim trails make the area a bucket list destination for mountain bikers. Riders of all abilities will find great trails ranging from huge 100+ miles epics to short and sweet rides just outside of town.

Moab’s natural beauty combined with great recreational access has definitely made the Utah town popular and crowded at times, visiting in the shoulder seasons (spring and fall) is a great way to experience these mountain bike trails with fewer people and lower temperatures. Even though these trails are popular, all mountain bikers should plan a trip to visit these world-class trails.

Our Favorite Moab Bike Trails

Amasa Back

Advanced | 2 Trails | 8 Miles | 1,050' Climb/Descent

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The Amasa Back area has a nice selection of trails with the possibility for some great shorter loops, but also plenty of trails to link up for longer rides. Centrally located in the trail system is Captain Ahab, which is a must-ride Moab mountain bike trail for advanced and expert riders - if you're wondering what the locals ride on a daily basis, this is it. The 8 mile loop climbing Hymasa and descending Captain Ahab is one of the best shorter rides in Moab. The shorter distance combined with its proximity to town, makes the loop perfect to hit in the morning before the sun hits the trail or the evening. Hymasa is somewhat technical, but short overall as it climbs up singletrack to access the super fun descent. Captain Ahab has a great mix of singletack, drops, and other techy bits. The rocky technical features definitely earn the advanced and expert rating.  

Raptor Route

Intermediate | 4 Trails | 11 Miles | 2,905' Descending

Trailhead Directions  |  Trailforks  |  MTB Project
The Raptor Route is a great intermediate alternative to Porcupine Rim on the Whole Enchilada, and worthy ride on its own. The Raptor Route incorporates four new trails - Eagle Eye, Hawk's GlideFalcon Flow, and Kestrel Run. The Raptor Route starts in the coniferous La Sals and moves down into the open desert, with beautiful views, sandy patches, flowy dirt, and rocky obstacles. Most riders will want to shuttle it, but those down for a big ride can ride the Sand Flats road up from town. There is a fee to enter Sand Flats Recreation Area during the busy months.

Dead Horse Point State Park

Beginner/Intermediate | 8 Trails | 16.6 Miles | 645' Descending

Trailhead Directions  |  Trailforks  |  MTB Project

The Intrepid Trail System at Dead Horse Point State Park has 16.6 miles of singletrack that winds through juniper and pinyon trees above spectacular canyons. There are a mix od trails that will appeal to beginner and intermediate riders, making a great place for family trip and groups with varying abilities. The park does require a day-use entrance fee.


Intermediate/Advanced | 10 Miles | 820' Climb/Descent

Trailhead Directions  |  Trailforks  |  MTB Project
The Slickrock trail in Moab is perhaps the most famous mountain bike trail in the world. Mountain bikers have been riding this 10 mile lollipop for decades, enjoying the awesome rolling sandstone landscape. Nearly all of the trail is on huge swaths of sandstone that offer almost-unreal traction for mountain bike tires, you won’t believe what you can ride up and down here without slipping. The Slickrock mountain bike trail constantly rolls up and down through short and steep ups and downs. The difficulty rating for the trail comes from this punchy rolling terrain. The scenery along the way is stellar, too. Slickrock is open to motorized access, and can be one of the more crowded trails in the area. While both directions are fun, the preferred direction is clockwise.

The Whole Enchilada

Advanced | 27 Miles | 416' Climb | 8,839' Descent

Trailhead Directions  |  Trailforks  |  MTB Project

It is no hyperbole to say that The Whole Enchilada is one of the best mountain bike trails in the world. Over the 30 mile ride, mountain bikers will encounter numerous different biomes each with their unique kinds of trail, all of which are way too much fun. Beginning from the La Sal Mountains, The Whole Enchilada mountain bike trail works its way from above treeline in the mountains to the desert cliffs high above the Colorado River. Not only does this scenery make for stunning backdrops, it gives a great variety of riding.

Starting on Geyser Pass, The Whole Enchilada progressively descends nearly 8,000’ through evergreen forests, aspen groves, then desert singletrack. The beginning is definitely a technical challenge, and the complete trail is best suited for mountain bikers that are comfortable with long days on difficult terrain. The ride usually takes riders between three and six hours to complete. There are several companies and bike shops that offer shuttle services to the top of the trail. This is a great option for groups and riders looking for simple logistics.

Watch evo's "A Whole Different Enchilada"

Moab bike trails

More Moab Trail Systems

Moab Brand Trails (Bar M)

Beginner/Intermediate| 15 Trails | 40 Miles | 600' Vertical

Trailhead Directions  |  Trailforks  |  MTB Project

The Moab Brand Trails are some of the most fun mountain bike trails in the area, and have a great variety of rider for beginner and intermediate mountain bikers. The trails are located along the Moab Canyon Pathway, a bike path that runs back to town. This makes the trails a nice shuttle, and gives families and beginners a good bailout option if things get too gnarly and riders get tired. The Bar M doubletrack connects the various trails in the system together. North 40 is a challenging trail for intermediate riders and Lazy EZ has side hits and a flowy descent that even advanced riders will appreciate. The Moab Brand Trails are the most family and beginner friendly trails in Moab.

Magnificent 7 Trails (aka Mag 7)

Intermediate/Expert | 10 Trails | 37 Miles | 3,900' Vertical

Trailhead Directions  |  Trailforks  |  MTB Project

Just west of town lies some of Moab’s best and most well known mountain bike trails, the Magnificent 7, or Mag 7 trails. While there are many trails in this system, the most popular ride is a 22 mile shuttle route that descends over 3,900’ of vertical on the seven trails that give the area its name. In order, the Mag 7 shuttle route descends Bull Run, Arth’s Corner, Little Canyon, Gold Bar Rim, Golden Spike, Poison Spider, and Portal. Bull Run starts things off mellow, weaving through slickrock and smooth flowy singletrack. The ride gets more technical as it continues, with more rocks embedded in the trail. These sections are not particularly gnarly, but definitely require some skill and speed to conquer. The later parts of the ride have high consequence exposure and some challenging rocky sections. Portal is hike-a-bike for many due to the high cliff just feet (or sometimes less!) just off the trail, the views are amazing and worth the walking, however.

Navajo Rocks Trail System

Intermediate/Advanced | 19 Miles Total | 1,440' Vertical

Trailhead Directions  |  Trailforks  |  MTB Project
The Navajo Rocks mountain bike trail system has a fun 19 miles of trail in classic Moab style, with lots of slickrock and big canyon views. These trails are a great next step for riders that have mastered the easier Moab Brand trails, but might not be ready for advanced rides like the Mag 7 or Whole Enchilada. There are two main loops in the system that can be ridden individually, or together as one large loop. Both of the loops can be ridden in either direction, though clockwise on the lower loop and counter clockwise on the upper loop may be preferred. The larger loop totals about 17 miles. Ramblin’ is one of the most fun mountain bike trails at Navajo rocks, with a great descent.

Klondike Bluffs

Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced | 26 Trails | 57 Miles  | 904' Vertical

Trailhead Directions  |  Trailforks  |  MTB Project
The Klondike Bluffs trails are located to the north of Moab and just outside of Arches National Park. There are are two parking areas, North and South, and over 50 miles of singletrack mountain bike trails here. In general, the Klondike Bluffs mountain bike trails lean more towards the flowy side of things than the technical side, with singletrack and slickrock terrain. This is the closest riding area to I-70, making Klondike Bluffs a nice stop on the way in or out of town. Some of the favorite trails here are Alaska and Baby Steps.  

Klonzo Trails

Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced | 33 Trails | 24 Miles  | 523' Vertical

Trailhead Directions  |  Trailforks  |  MTB Project

Klonzo is a great trail system for riders of every ability level. It's divided into a nothern and southern section from the parking area, and can be connected to Bar M trails by the Zephyr Trail. On the nothern end, Gravitron is the star trail - though it's rated as an advanced trail, it is a very easy advanced trail with only a few true obstacles. The descent can be extended a little longer by taking a right on Vertigo. On the southern side, hit the fun drops and jumps on Red Hot before dropping into Roller Coaster. Roller Coaster is another trail that is rated as advanced but is actually very flowy and features steep descends and optional jumps.

Mountain Bikers Riding Into Sunset in Moab

Mountain Biking in Moab

Moab Bike Shuttles

There are several companies that help riders access Moab’s longer mountain bike trails.  These companies will pick you up in town, usually at a bike shop so you can grab any small items you've forgotten, and drop you and your bike off at the top of a ride. Using a shuttle service is a great option for bigger rides, like the Whole Enchilada, Mag 7, and Falcon Flow, because no one wants to drive back up the La Sals to get their car after a 27 miles bike ride.

Bike Fiend
Coyote Shuttle
Moab Cyclery
Poison Spider Bicycles
Porcupine Shuttle
Whole Enchilada Shuttles

moab bike shuttles

Weather & Riding Conditions

Moab and the surrounding deserts are a harsh landscape that can be tough on bikes and riders alike. In the summer, temperatures can soar into the triple digits under hot direct sunshine. Plan ahead and bring a lot of water on every ride, a hydration pack is a good idea, even if you don't normally ride with one. The rough technical sections and sandy trail can cause any number of mechanical issues, so make sure to have a repair kit handy as well.
Starting rides early in the morning is a necessity in the warmer months in order to beat the heat. The shoulder seasons, spring and fall, have a bit more unpredictability as far as weather goes, but temperatures are more moderate. For mountain bikers that are camping in the Moab area, don’t be fooled by the hot days, temperatures drop low at night. And if rain is your forecast, we'd recommend looking into some of the numerous other activities in town - the trails are not rideable when wet.
The Moab desert is an amazing place to explore some of the best mountain bike trails in the world, being properly prepared is the first step to having an awesome time.
Poison Spider regularly updates trail conditions on their website.

Where Can You Ride e-Bikes in Moab?

Unfortunately, Moab is not the best destination for e-bike riders. They are allowed on the Moab Canyon paved pathway along Hwy 191 and Hwy 128 and they are are welcome on all open motorized trails. They may not be used on trails that are designated for non-motorized used, however, which makes up the majority of trails in Moab, and this rule applies to all of the various land management agencies in Moab. 
Though the most famous trails are off-limits, e-bikers do have a few great options in Moab. They are allowed in Dead Horse Point State Park and on the Slickrock Bike Trail in Sand Flats Recreation Area. Moab is also a true destination for off-road vehicles, and e-Bikes can be used on any of  these "roads," including Poison Spider and the Sovereign Trails. 
e-Bike regulations and riding options can be found here.

Learn More About eBike Regulations

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