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The 9 Best Women's Snowboard Bibs of 2024

By: Sarah Ziffer: Women's & Kid's Techwear Buyer | October 31, 2023


Once you try bibs you may never go back to snow pants again. They provide functional performance while preventing any snow from getting in your pants no matter how many plummets you may take on the hill. Women’s snowboard bibs are designed for women with features that allow you to have an easy bio break without having your straps lay on the floor. They also have venting features, insulation, and shell styles to keep you comfortable at any temperature.

New This Year:

As snowboarding continues to gain traction among women, the gear evolves right alongside. Women's snowboard bibs, in particular, have become a staple for many riders, offering both style and functionality. Even without standout trends this year, the emphasis remains on crafting bibs that offer the perfect blend of freedom of movement, warmth, and protection against the elements. If you're on the hunt for the ideal fit, consider finding the best snowboard bibs to complement your riding style. The versatility of bibs ensures that they remain a favorite, catering to both the casual snowboarder and the dedicated mountain enthusiast.

Volcom Elm Stretch GORE-TEX Bibs - Women's

Volcom Elm Stretch GORE-TEX

Picture yourself gliding down the slopes with effortless style and unmatched comfort in the Volcom Elm Stretch GORE-TEX Bib Overalls. These modern fit bibs redefine what it means to be both fashionable and functional on the mountain. Crafted with a stretchy recycled polyester 2-layer GORE-TEX shell, these overalls provide the ultimate freedom of movement while keeping you dry and protected from the elements. Plus, the ingenious drop-seat zipper ensures quick and easy bathroom breaks, so you can spend more time shredding and less time fumbling in the lodge. Prepare to make a statement on the slopes with the gold standard of women's bibs - the Volcom Elm Stretch GORE-TEX Bib Overalls.

Waterproofing/MaterialFitOriginal Price
28K / GORE-TEXModern / Slim$415.00

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Airblaster Sassy Hot Bibs - Women's

Airblaster Sassy Hot

of perfected high-waisted powder protection.

Waterproofing/MaterialFitOriginal Price
30K / 2L Eco-Vortex STRETCHTailored Fit$319.95

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686 Black Magic Insulated Bibs - Women's

686 Black Magic Insulated

Wave your wand and watch your outfit come to life in the 686 Black Magic Insulated Bibs. These rad every day rippers are stuffed with 40 grams of infiLOFT® Insulation. and have adjustable shoulder straps to help dial the fit. With a variety of solid colors to choose from, there's something to compliment any jacket, bright or subdued. A waterproof and breathable infiDRY® 10K membrane adds weather protection that's suitable for moderate stress activities. Cast a spell the next time you go snowboarding in the 686 Black Magic Insulated Bibs.

Waterproofing/MaterialFitOriginal Price
10K / 2-Layer infiDRYAdjustable Shoulder Straps$269.95

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Burton GORE-TEX Avalon Bib Pants - Women's

Burton GORE-TEX Avalon Bib Pants

The Burton GORE-TEX Avalon Bib Pants is a focused performance bib meticulously designed with what you need for the slopes. The GORE-TEX 2 layer shell is highly waterproof, and the Living Lining reacts to your body heat to be more breathable when you need it to be. The additional coverage of the bib front adds just a touch of insulating power for colder days and keeps the snow where it's supposed to be: under your board, not under your layers.

Waterproofing/MaterialFitOriginal Price
28K / 2L GORE-TEXRegular Fit$339.95

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The North Face Ceptor Bibs - Women's

The North Face Ceptor

Whether it's dumping snow or blazing sunshine, you can count on the The North Face Ceptor Bibs to keep you comfortable and protected. Waterproof and breathable DryVent™ 3 layer fabric keeps the elements out while allowing moisture to escape, and the self-adjusting shoulder straps and integrated waist belt make it easy to find your perfect fit in seconds. These bibs have plenty of pockets for your on-hill essentials, so stash a snack and go get some!

Waterproofing/MaterialFitOriginal Price
DryVent 3LStandard Fit$409.95

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Burton AK 3L GORE-TEX Kimmy Bib Pants - Women's

Burton AK 3L GORE-TEX Kimmy Bib Pants

Professional snowboarder Kimmy Fasani approved, the Burton AK 3L GORE-TEX Kimmy Bib Pants utilize a 3-layer GORE-TEX fabric for protection in the harshest mountain conditions while allowing for unrestricted range of motion on a board. The articulated fit is engineered for both touring and ripping down, while the drop seat zippered design gives you unobstructed bathroom access. The Burton AK GORE-TEX Kimmy Bib Pants are a pivotal piece for serious shredding gals who, like Kimmy, are keen to get out there and experience the wild winter.

Waterproofing/MaterialFitOriginal Price
28K / GORE-TEX 3LRegular Articulated Fit$669.95

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Volcom Swift Bib Overalls - Women's

Volcom Swift Bib Overalls - Women's

Embrace winter's wild side with the Volcom Swift Bib Overalls, your trusted ally against deep snow infiltrations. With their 15K protection and fully taped seams, these bad boys keep you focused on shredding the epic line ahead instead of worrying about moisture seeping in. Offering a slim and efficient fit with just the right amount of stretch, these overalls ensure unrestricted mobility as you conquer the slopes like a pro.

Waterproofing/MaterialFitOriginal Price
15K / V-Science 2-Layer ShellStretch Slim Fit$250.00 - $260.00

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The North Face Dragline Short Bibs - Women's

The North Face Dragline Short

The The North Face Dragline Short Bibs thrive on storm days when the riding is all time, but lesser gear might keep you hunkered down over a hot chocolate in the lodge. DryVent™ 3L technology is engineered to be fully waterproof, windproof, and breathable, which means you can count on it to keep the elements out without turning your bibs into a personal sweat lodge. Ample pockets provide plenty of space to stash your on-hill essentials, and an articulated fit keeps you loose and nimble as you ride. Pair with the matching Dragline Jacket and get your shred on!

Waterproofing/MaterialFitOriginal Price
DryVent 3LStandard Fit$374.95

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Roxy Summit Bibs - Women's

Roxy Summit

Roxy's Summit Bibs elevate your mountain game with a sleek and flexible fit that refuses to cramp your style. Embrace comfort with adjustable elastic suspenders and conquer the elements with Roxy DryFlight® technology, making sure your snowy adventures are all about the thrills and none of the chills. Step into the future of mountainwear and dominate the slopes with these game-changing bibs.

Waterproofing/MaterialFitOriginal Price
15K / 49% Recycled Polyester / 39% Polyester / 12% ElastaneSkinny Fit$249.95

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Sarah Ziffer

Growing up in Florida, I missed out on the chance to get involved in snow sports. Tired of the heat, and seeking out the mountains, I moved to Seattle to start a new adventure. A few years after moving to WA I fulfilled my dream of learning to snowboard and immediately fell in love with it. After just one time out on a friend’s board I was hooked. I outfitted myself from head to toe with gear from evo, and got a season pass at Snoqualmie.

I quickly realized that snowboarding inspired me to live a lifestyle centered around the outdoors. I left my job at a fashion company to come and work for evo and become immersed in the culture and experiences that make the snowboarding community so vibrant. I have been at evo since 2017, am currently the women's and kids' techwear buyer, and enjoy learning and experiencing everything this incredible community has to offer.