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The 6 Best Kids' Ski & Snowboard Goggles of 2024

By: Jen Streby: Senior Buyer | October 19, 2023

Ski goggles have come a long way in the last decade. Optics manufacturers have been experimenting with frame styles and fits, different goggle foams, and of course, different lens tints and technologies to make sure that skiers and snowboarders have clear vision no matter the conditions. So, like always, the first thing to look for in goggles is a comfortable fit, especially for your kids. If kids' ski goggles don’t feel good, they won’t want to wear them. That’s why we’ve put a wide variety of goggles on this list, so there’s sure to be something for every child.

New This Year:

Kids' ski and snowboard goggles this year are all about combining function with fun. The trend of lively and playful straps remains a favorite among the young riders. Smith, always at the forefront of goggle innovation, has introduced the new Snowday goggle. As parents and guardians choose the goggle that's right for their young ones, it's essential to find that perfect blend of protection, style, and fun. Smith's Snowday ensures that kids not only stay safe on the slopes but also stand out with style.

Giro Buster Goggles - Kids'

Giro Buster

Bust a move, bust a trick, bust the whole mountain wide open. The Giro Buster Goggles are made for smaller kids who are growing their love of the snow, and with solid features and performance, these won't be a weak link in their mountain experience. These are designed to fit 5 to 10-year-old faces.

LensStyleOriginal Price
Injection Molded Cylindrical LensCylindrical$44.95 - $54.95

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Giro Stomp Goggles - Kids'

Giro Stomp

There's really no explaining it. Nobody taught them how to do it, surely not you. They just have an uncanny ability to fly through the air, land completely flat, and ride away. Stomped. The Giro Stomp Goggles fit their smaller faces, bringing high level goggle tech to these preteens with unexplainable skills. There's nothing really to do but shrug your shoulders and provide them the best tools you can. Amazing.

LensStyleOriginal Price
Injection Molded Cylindrical LensCylindrical$54.95 - $64.95

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Smith Daredevil Goggles - Big Kids'

Smith Daredevil - Big Kids'

The Smith Daredevil Goggles integrate so seamlessly with your grom's eyeglasses and helmet you'll likely find yourself wishing they'd been around when you were learning to schralp. A floating foam membrane eliminates eyeglass temple pressure while the Daredevil's anti-fog, cylindrical Carbonic-X lenses are engineered to be the most impact-resistant in the world. Trade up and invest in the game-changing Smith Daredevil Goggles for your grom this season.

LensStyleOriginal Price
Cylindrical Carbonic-X LensCylindrical$35.00 - $50.00

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Dragon Lil D Goggles - Little Kids'

Dragon Lil D - Little Kids'

Prepare the youngsters for snowmaggedon with the adorable and functional Dragon Lil D Goggles. Sized specifically for youth-sized faces, the Lil D Goggles give kiddos the confidence of clear vision to play and explore cold, snowy environments.

LensStyleOriginal Price
Thermal Formed Cylindrical LensCylindrical$49.95

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Dragon Lil D Low Bridge Fit Goggles - Little Kids

Dragon Lil D Low Bridge Fit - Little Kids

Beyond optical clarity and all the desirable features you get with the adult goggs, the Dragon Lil D Low Bridge Fit Goggles were designed for youth-sized faces with a little extra face foam included around the nose area to create a better fit on those with low nose bridges. Complete with LumaLens® optimized color technology lenses, full helmet-compatibility and a anti-slip strap, the Dragon Lil D Low Bridge Fit Goggles are poised for an epic winter season.

LensStyleOriginal Price
Thermal Formed Cylindrical LensCylindrical$49.95

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Smith Snowday Goggles - Kids'

Smith Snowday

Gear up your mini shredders with the Smith Snowday Goggles, blending sweet colors and designs with kid-friendly proportions. These goggles are equipped with distortion-free optics, fog-free performance, and seamless integration with Smith helmets for a confidence-boosting ride down the slopes. Don't worry, they're designed to fit comfortably over glasses, ensuring clear vision for every adventure.

LensStyleOriginal Price
Spherical Carbonic-X Lens, Fog-X Antifog Inner LensSpherical$50.00

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Jen Streby

Hi! My name is Jen and while growing up in the very cold Midwest, I didn’t have much experience in the snow apart from sledding and building your classic snowman. Eventually, after college, I migrated my way out to Utah. There I stepped on the snow on skis for the first time at the young age of 27. The first experience being at Alta, doing a complete yard sale under the Collins lift on my first run. Stubborn me didn’t give up. I soon after got a job at Snowbird where I grew to love the sport and learned to love the mountains in the wintertime as much as I do in the summer.

My winter passion didn’t change upon moving to the PNW where I call Seattle my home. I started with evo 6 years ago and have been a buyer for several categories, one of which currently includes the snow accessories category. Come to me if you want to talk about helmets, goggles, gloves, and more.