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2024 Black Crows Nocta Skis Review

By: Jacob Smith, Studio Photographer  |  Last Updated: March 20th, 2023

2024 Black Crows Nocta Skis Review - Powder Hunting Edition Topsheets

The Lowdown

In its third iteration, the 2024 version of the Black Crows Nocta skis have been re-designed with the deepest of days in mind. The new profile, comprised of a softer flex and double rocker with reverse camber, has one thing in mind: surf the best powder out there. 

The new Nocta's updates in shape and construction points it in the direction of the steep and deep with an incredible feeling of stability and playfulness everywhere on the mountain. From chopped up powder in the PNW to endless refills in Japan, the ski simply wants to go big and pushes you to hit the pillows and powder lines you have been dreaming of.

Note: Jacob received the special edition "Powder Hunting" Nocta which features a limited run topsheet graphic; all other aspects of the ski are the same as the standard Nocta. See image below for the standard 2024 Nocta topsheets.

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Technical Details

The 2024 Nocta changes shape from a traditional full rocker powder ski to a double rocker/reverse camber profile. Thanks to the rare asymmetrical design, the Nocta keeps its’ beloved playfulness without sacrificing stability and performance at higher speeds. Classic medium camber underfoot with intermediate ski/snow contact for a great balance between stability and handling at all speeds and conditions. Constructed of paulownia, poplar, fiberglass and a slightly straight sidecut, enhance the skis’ stability and balance between firmness and maneuverability. With tips that resemble the iconic Black Crows chevron, these things will be the talk of the lift line.
Sizes (cm)  177, 185, 190
Dimensions (Tip, Waist, Tail - mm) 145 - 122 - 136
Turning Radius (m) 19 @ 185cm
Weight (g) 4050 @ 185cm
Camber Profile Rocker / Camber / Rocker
Construction Semi-Cap + ABS Sidewalls
Core Paulownia / Poplar / Fiberglass
Flex Intermediate over the entire length of the ski
Mounting Point -6cm
2024 Black Crows Nocta - Rocker/Camber Profile

Ride Impressions

I had ridden a fair share of 120+ underfoot skis in the past however my powder skis of choice have been in the 110-118 range recently and I was eager to get on the Nocta’s to see how they ranked amongst skis of the past. I like a ski that charges hard and usually gravitate towards a more traditional directional ski since I am not skiing or landing switch often.

The first thing I noticed after clicking into the Nocta’s was how much float they have. The motto “unsinkable according to European standards” holds true even in the deepest of Japanese pow. They have a floaty, surfy feeling that makes you want to pop every pillow and butter through every patch of un-touched snow. The ski’s stability really shines in the steeper and deeper runs. Since it floats so well, you can really drive the ski when conditions are deep and the camber underfoot, enhances the confidence when getting into steeper terrain where you need to have the reassurance the ski will be strong enough to perform. Along with the tighter turn radius, the Nocta opens the door for those looking to charge hard while being nimble to navigate tight trees and more chopped up sections.

Given the Nocta’s 122mm waist and powder centered structure, I was surprised with how well it handles outside of the deep. Through the crud and skied out terrain, the ski feels stable and more than capable of handling anything you throw at it. It slides around like a 122mm underfoot ski does but doesn’t throw the turn away and I found I was able to get it on its edge and able to lean in and turn the ski on firmer snow.

2024 Black Crows Nocta Skis - Japow!    2024 Black Crows Nocta - Powder Hunter Edition

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆


  • Versatility for a fat ski - Stable in various conditions aside from powder.
  • Playful - Short turning radius plus fully rockered profile means these things want to spin, jump and jib around.
  • Lightweight - These skis feel surprisingly light (4200g) underfoot and have the potential to be mounted with a ultralight pin binding, albeit for a niche audience.


  • Sizing - Only coming in at 3 sizes (176cm / 186cm / 190cm) may limit or push riders to a less than desired length. 
  • Skis shorter - Along with the 3 limited sizes, the reworked flex shape makes the ski feel more center mounted and shorter up front than directionally favored skiers may like.
  • Flex - Hard chargers who demand the most out of their ski, may find the Nocta a little soft in certain situations.

Who Is It For?

So, who is this ski for? Going along with the topsheet graphic's theme, this ski is for the powder hunter. More specifically the powder hunter who doesn’t want to compromise the rest of the day after the first few face shots. From the hard charger, big line skier, to the surfy, buttering jib master; the Nocta not only can, but wants to go everywhere and launch off of everything you’ve dreamed of.

The Bottom Line

The Black Crows Nocta Powder Hunter offers a glimpse into what it would be like if skiers could surf. They are truly in their element when in the white room and will continue to push big line freestyle performance. Heading to Japan, BC, Mt. Baker or Tahoe in hopes of one of those magical days? Bring these and bring your snorkel.

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Black Crows Nocta Skis Review Author

About the Reviewer

Name: Jacob Smith
Age: 27
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 170 lbs
Size Reviewed: 185 cm
Location(s) & Conditions: Myoko Kogen, Japan / Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan / Crystal Mountain, WA - Pow pow and more pow, also mixed in a couple choppy and groomer laps, just to be safe.
Mount Point: Factory Recommended
Bindings:  Salomon STH 13
Boots:  Atomic Hawx Ultra 130 Professional GW
Riding Style & Ability Level: Experienced all-mountain freestyle skier who loves to go fast and big, whether its deep or icy groomers.

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