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2023 Ride Peace Seeker Snowboard Review

By: Young Bohle, Receiving Lead | July 1, 2022

2023 Ride Peace Seeker Snowboard

The Lowdown

To sum it up with a dad-joke, this board is perfectly named, I sought peace, and found it (insert obligatory groan here). This directional beast has the potential to be a quiver killer for folks like me. The tapered profile and camber underfoot meant nothing but smiles on the days where fresh snow is lacking. The extra stiffness in the tail kept me planted as I attempted to throw down deep trenches. The edge to edge was the smooth stuff butter dreams of - whatever that may be. On top of all that, the sintered base is fast. Really fast. This combination and design had me carving harder and faster than I had in the past, without breaking a sweat. But where the Ride Peace Seeker truly shines is when there’s something fresh covering the ground. The long nose and gentle rocker can turn even a few inches into a surfy paradise. This board has become my go to anytime I’m headed up to the resort, regardless of the conditions.

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Technical Details

The Peace Seeker is a completely new design for 2023, with new tech and specs to boot. The sharp, half-moon tail is more than just a pretty face. The hybrid glass that’s added towards the rear insert pack, along with the ‘extra camber’, a term I’m hearing for the first time, keeps you planted and provides power throughout the entire turn. All this tech in the tail meant they could keep the rocker in the nose on a gentle side to keep you floating on bottomless days. 

So, what’s this mean? It means that the board has everything you need to take advantage of the 20mm of taper and seamless transition from edge to edge, without losing any of its capabilities in the soft stuff.

Sizes (cm) 138, 142, 147, [151], 155
Rocker Type Rocker/Camber
Shape Directional
Flex Rating Stiff
Dimensions (Tip, Waist, Tail - mm)  311 - 260 - 291
Sidecut Radius (m)  5​ / 7.9
Stance Setback (mm)  19

Ride Impressions

At first glance, the Peace Seeker seems like a thoroughbred pow board. From the long nose to the half-moon tail, it has all the characteristics you’d assume would be at home in the deep. But after picking it up and getting a closer look, the camber and stiffer back end, along with the tapered profile had me curious about its potential. The maiden voyage was mid-January, when the entire PNW was hurting for something fresh. But the Peace Seeker jumped out the gates and was at home on the groomed runs and wanted nothing but to go faster and carve harder. As a directional carver, it excels in all categories.
After a couple weeks of riding around on hardpack, we finally had a couple of fresh inches and the board showed its true colors. It was finally where it belonged. Just a couple of inches was enough to turn Crystal into a surfy dream. Before long, the Peace Seeker had me yelling ‘yeeyee’ while dropping off lips into some of Crystal’s better lines.

The only thing this board can’t do is tour. Regardless of the conditions, this board has become my go to and has pushed me to be a better boarder and milk it for all it’s worth. For folks like me, it’s a perfect pairing. 

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆


  • Quiver-killer - one board to rule them without any of the compromise.
  • Agile - the shorter board will make any tree garden a playground.
  • All gas no brakes - the board wants to fly.


  • The long nose can take getting used to around moguls.
  • Subtle top sheet.
  • Watch that sharp half-moon tail.

Who Is It For?

The Ride Peace Seeker is perfect for the rider who’s constantly chasing that deep line filled with endless turns and flowing carves. The board is happiest leaving a long deep trench, and will leave you with nothing but smiles if you share that interest. For someone who’s there to enjoy the ride, and to go fast doing it - this is your board.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that this board is built to dig trenches. Of every sort. And it does them so well that you’ll wonder why you ever wanted to do something different. From powder to hardpack, it’ll be your go to in no time. Boards like these are why the directional carvers are the new ‘it’ board.

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2023 Ride Peace Seeker Reviewer

About the Reviewer

Name: Young Bohle
Age: 31
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 185 lbs
Size Reviewed: 151
Location(s) & Conditions: Crystal Mt & Snoqualmie - Groomers / shallow powder / chunky chunder
Bindings: Union Atlas Pro
Boots:  Vans Hi-Standard Pro
Riding Style: Anything Inbounds is fair game. But you’ll find me chasing those deep lines, on both corduroy and powder. The more turns I can see when I look back, the better.

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