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The 10 Best Mid Length Surfboards of 2023

By: Jack Mace: Bike Buyer | July 15, 2023

Diving into the world of surf culture, one of the most essential tools for catching the perfect wave is the mid length surfboard, also often referred to as a "funboard." Ideal for surfers of all skill levels, these boards offer a unique blend of stability, maneuverability, and wave-catching ability that makes them a popular choice among surfing enthusiasts. As you begin your quest to find the best mid length surfboard, consider factors like your personal surfing style, typical wave conditions, and the board's shape, size, and construction material.

The surfing industry's focus remains on crafting boards that are durable, performance-driven, and aesthetically appealing. This year's top mid length surfboards and funboards seamlessly carry forward the timeless essence of surfing while optimizing performance through subtle refinements. Stay tuned for our roundup of the 10 best funboard surfboards of 2023, where we delve into what makes these boards the choice of champions and casual riders alike.

Catch Surf Blank Series 80 Log Surfboard

Catch Surf Blank Series 8'0" Log

Catch Surf is all about one thing, and that thing is fun. The Catch Surf Blank Series 8'0" Surfboard epitomizes that commitment to having the silliest time possible shredding around on messy breaks. It's a super durable, high-quality soft top that can catch just about anything and comes with a toned down blank-deck look.

Board StyleFin LayoutOriginal Price
Beater, Hybrid, LongboardThruster/Tri$399.99

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Catch Surf Odysea x Lost Crowd Killer 7'2 Surfboard

Catch Surf Odysea x Lost Crowd Killer 7'2

Over take the break with a little help from the Catch Surf Odysea x Lost Crowd Killer 7'2 Surfboard. Based off Lost's laminate version, the Catch Surf Odysea x Lost Crowd Killer 7'2 Surfboard is a hyper-funboard designed for a wider audience of riders. Easy to paddle and catch waves, sparing you energy and fueling more stoke.

Board StyleFin LayoutOriginal Price

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Lib Tech x Lost Glydra Surfboard

Lib Tech x Lost Glydra

The Lib Tech x Lost Glydra Surfboard is a mid-length twist on the Hydra short board. To do this, Lib Tech kept everything that makes the Hydra special while laying on a few performance enhancing adjustments, like adding extra rocker and reducing the intensity of the sidecut. The result is a super fun, easy to ride, stretched out small wave machine. Go get some!

Board StyleFin LayoutOriginal Price
Fish, Funboard5 Fin$949.95

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Lib Tech Pickup Stick 76 Surfboard

Lib Tech Pickup Stick 7'6"

Designed to fill the gap between shortboard and longboard, the Lib Tech Pickup Stick 7'6" Surfboard is an awesome choice for progressing surfers and veterans alike. This versatile mid-sized shape works in pretty much any surf, making it the board you're most likely to reach for when conditions are up in the air or when you hit the road for that trip of a lifetime. With smooth lines, a narrower round pin tail, and Lib's bombproof ecoIMPACTO construction, the Pickup Stick is a worthy addition to any quiver.

Board StyleFin LayoutOriginal Price
Funboard5 Fin$949.95

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Solid Surf Co King Pin Surfboard

Solid Surf Co King Pin

The Solid Surf Co King Pin Surfboard has a tapered outline packed with a bit more volume for great performance in a wide range of conditions. Whether you're headed out in mushy knee-high "waves" or double overhead monsters, this fast and forgiving shape will shine.

Board StyleFin LayoutOriginal Price

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Modern Falcon PU Surfboard

Modern Falcon PU

For beginner and intermediate riders ready to step their game up, we give you the Modern Falcon PU Surfboard. This super stable funboard strikes the perfect balance between easy riding and fast progression, allowing you to continue unlocking more potential as your skills improve.

Board StyleFin LayoutOriginal Price

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Softech Bomber FCS II 610 Surfboard

Softech Bomber FCS II 6'10"

The Softech Bomber FCS II 6'10" Surfboard features a longboard outline for easy cruising down the line, while the conservative length gives it the ability to slice a nice carve off the tail. With all that area upfront you can expect the Bomber to paddle incredibility well, making it a blast in softer surf. See what all the soft top hype is about with the Softech Bomber FCS II 6'10" Surfboard.

Board StyleFin LayoutOriginal Price
Beater, EggThruster/Tri$435.00

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Salt Gypsy Mid Tide Surfboard

Salt Gypsy Mid Tide

The Salt Gypsy Mid Tide Surfboard is a versatile mid-length cruiser engineered to perform in just about any type of wave. With smooth curves and a generous outline, this board is easy to get the hang of - a great choice for ladies or smaller surfers of any ability.

Board StyleFin LayoutOriginal Price
Funboard2+1$715.00 - $775.00

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Quiksilver Tech Soft Break 7 Surfboard

Quiksilver Tech Soft Break 7'

The Quiksilver Soft Break 7' Surfboard is an awesome choice for beginners and intermediate surfers learning the ropes. A high volume thruster fin design provides tons of float and stability in smaller, softer surf, making it easy to catch waves and practice your moves before progressing to bigger breaks.

Board StyleFin LayoutOriginal Price

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Catch Surf Odysea 70 Log Surfboard

Catch Surf Odysea 7'0" Log

Make surfing fun again with the Catch Surf Odysea 7'0" Log Surfboard. This wave hoggin', easy paddlin' beast is too good to pass up. It's perfect for beginners, pros, and everyone in between. So whether you are pulling into hollow perfection or summer mush, the Catch Surf Odysea 7'0" Log Surfboard will put a smile on your face.

Board StyleFin LayoutOriginal Price
Beater, Hybrid, LongboardThruster/Tri$374.99

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