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The 10 Best Wetsuits for Surfing of 2022

By: Stew Langner: Surf Buyer | April 29, 2022


Whether you’re a committed cold water surfer from the East Coast, a die-hard dawn-patroller in Central California, or just want a little extra warmth and sun protection down in Baja, evo has you covered with our list of best wetsuits for 2022. 10 options from 6 of the best wetsuit brands round out this list. You’ll be able to paddle out in all but the most frigid temps in a hooded 5/4, or just keep the morning chill at bay in a 1.5mm rashy. This list is designed to provide a plethora of options so you can get something that will fit your frame, your preferences, and the water temps at your local break. Options to consider when choosing a wetsuit are chest vs. back zip, hooded vs. non, and the various thicknesses offered in these wetsuits.

New This Year:

Trends this year include a focus on extra-flexible neoprene, and various eco-friendly material and construction advances that we are more than happy to support! You can minimize your environmental impact while surfing as long as your body will allow with one of the following neoprene wonders!

best budget-friendly wetsuits

Billabong 5​/4 Absolute Plus Chest Zip Hooded Wetsuit

When it comes to surfing in the northern states, you’ll want to turn to one of the best wetsuits for cold water that'll keep you warm. Whether you're surfing the Washington/Oregon coast, or exploring the surf scene in New York, look to the Billabong 5/4 Absolute Plus Chest Zip Hooded Wetsuit. Complete with a built-in hood and a chest zip entry, this wetsuit promises great warmth and Billabong's beloved durability. Featuring Billabong’s partially recycled Superlight Foam, 100% recycled Superflex jersey, and Graphene Recycler Plus with silicon stretch, you’ll be warm and mobile for your whole sesh. The Billabong Absolute Plus is one of the best budget-friendly wetsuits that packs in a ton of features.

ThicknessEntry StyleOriginal Price
5/4 mmChest Zip$299.95

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warmest 3/2 mm wetsuit

Vissla 3​/2 7 Seas Chest Zip Wetsuit

With plenty of warmth and mobility, the Vissla 7 Seas 3/2 Full Chest Zip Wetsuit is a wetsuit for people who just want to get out in the water already. Featuring Super Stretch Japanese limestone-based neoprene and Thermal Brain Fuzz lining, this wetsuit provides insulation with plenty of stretch. Multiple anti-flushing features paired with triple-glued and double-stitched seams make this suit one of the warmest 3/2 mm wetsuits out there. Pair this suit with a pair of booties and you can be comfy in a surprisingly large temperature range.

ThicknessEntry StyleOriginal Price
3/2 mmChest Zip$239.95

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best warming tech wetsuit

Quiksilver 5​/4​/3 Everyday Sessions Chest Zip Hooded Wetsuit

Whether you're in the Pacific Northwest or the upper east coast, the Quiksilver 5/4/3 Sessions Chest Zip Hooded Wetsuit has the warmth and flexibility you need to make the most of your time in the water. Constructed from Quiksilver's unique, eco-friendly StretchFlight neoprene along with a WarmFlight® thermal fleece-lined interior, the 5/4/3 Sessions Chest Zip Hooded Wetsuit offers great insulation without restricting your ability to paddle out and get into the lineup. Coming in at under $300, this is another great affordable option for getting your feet wet in cold water. Easy on your wallet, and easier on the environment, Quiksilver claims this suit produces 24% less CO2 emissions than your standard fare. Now see if you can get a 24% longer session from some of the best warming tech in this fleet of suits!

ThicknessEntry StyleOriginal Price
5/4/3 mmChest Zip$299.95

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best 4/3 mm wetsuit

Billabong 4​/3 Absolute Chest Zip GBS Wetsuit

Some folks are into flashy looks and then some folks simply let their surfing speak for 'em. The latter often choose the timeless performance of the Billabong 4/3 Absolute Chest Zip GBS Wetsuit. Made from premium, lightweight neoprene and super stretchy recycled jersey, this sleek and simple wetsuit will enlighten you as to why the Billabong loyalists are just so loyal. GBS stands for Glued and Blindstitched Seams. Pair those features with the Machine-Applied SuperFlex Neo Tape, and you’ve got one of the best 4/3 mm wetsuits out in the water for only 250 clams.

ThicknessEntry StyleOriginal Price
4/3 mmChest Zip$249.95

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best 5/4 mm wetsuit

Rip Curl 5​/4 Dawn Patrol Chest Zip Hooded Wetsuit

If you're a cold water surfer who gets their kicks on big, frosty swells, then the Rip Curl 5/4 Dawn Patrol Chest Zip Wetsuit is your everyday aquatic skin. Made of flexible E5 Neoprene and backed by E5 flash lining and E4 Thermo lining, you'll be as warm and toasty as the trail of fire you left behind you on the wave. This suit sports premium features at an affordable price. Taped, glued, and blindstitched seams mean you’ll get multiple seasons out of this neoprene armor. This is the best 5/4 mm wetsuit for those who surf a ton and don’t want to sacrifice durability for premium performance.

ThicknessEntry StyleOriginal Price
5/4 mmChest Zip$319.95

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best surfing wetsuits of 2022

XCEL 5​/4 Infiniti Hooded Wetsuit

Get your cold water setup dialed with the XCEL 5/4 Infiniti Hooded Wetsuit. With an emphasis on warmth and durability, the Infiniti will allow your focus to remain on the swell and not the frosty temps. Complete with Radiant Rebound in the chest and an engineered fit system to eliminate unnecessary bulk, along with an attached hood to keep you duck diving on command and ready for the next set. With a list of premium features as long as those swell lines coming in this is the plushest 5/4 you’re going to find for under $500. Truly frigid waves await those who come equipped with an XCEL Infiniti, one of the best surfing wetsuits.

ThicknessEntry StyleOriginal Price
5/4 mmChest Zip$449.95

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Best wetsuits for swimming in cold water

O'Neill 3​/2 Ninja Chest Zip Wetsuit

The working man's wetty, the O'Neill 3/2 Ninja Chest Zip Wetsuit has a ton of value packed into it. From the warm double-lined Firewall neoprene to the super stretchy UltraFlex rubber in movement areas, the 3/2 Ninja Chest Zip Wetsuit keeps you warm and comfortable in the water. Its F.U.Z.E chest zip entry is impeccably designed, refined by O'Neill through years of experience, and triple glued and blindstitched seams combined with internal taping make the O'Neill 3/2 Ninja Chest Zip Wetsuit flush-resistant and extremely long-lasting. If you’re the type of surfer who’s on the beach at dawn for every notable swell, the O’Neill Ninja is the best suit for you. Grab two and alternate them to maximize lifespan, as well as to ensure you have a dry one every morning!

ThicknessEntry StyleOriginal Price
3/2 mmChest Zip$249.95

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best wetsuit top

O'Neill 1.5mm Hyperfreak Long Sleeve Top

Make sure you're prepared for chilly water with the O'Neill 1.5mm Hyperfreak Long Sleeve Top. O'Neill, one of the best wetsuit brands, has been refining their neoprene for years and the latest Technobutter 3 material is 20% lighter with 30% less water absorption, making it more comfortable, warm, and flexible than ever. This Long Sleeve Top is a super versatile addition to your wetsuit quiver. It keeps the sun off your back, wards off morning session chills, and can even provide a bit of reef protection if your drop doesn’t go as planned. We think this is the best wetsuit top for a traveling surfer or someone who just likes a little extra protection from a variety of elements.

ThicknessEntry StyleOriginal Price
1.5 mmZipless$109.95

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best tropical surf wetsuit

XCEL Axis 2mm Short Sleeve Back-Zip Wetsuit

The XCEL Axis 2mm Short Sleeve Back-Zip Fullsuit will get you out in the water in a hurry, and give you the warmth and comfort to stay out as long as your stoke demands. Built for warm weather surfing, this glued and blindstitched short sleeve suit is durable, comfortable, and provides an excellent range of motion. XCEL isn’t trying to re-invent the wheel here. Reliable, comfortable, and easy entry back zip is paired with short sleeves for maximum mobility. The 2mm of neoprene keeps the chill at bay without cramping your paddle or surf style. The Axis is the best tropical surf wetsuit for no-nonsense surfers who need just a touch of insulation.

ThicknessEntry StyleOriginal Price
2 mmBack Zip$194.95

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best high-performance short sleeve wetsuit of 2022

XCEL Comp X 2mm Short Sleeve Fullsuit

The XCEL Comp X 2mm Short Sleeve Fullsuit is a high-performance suit for long sessions on warmer days. This short-sleeve suit has a chest zip entry, glued and blindstitched seams, and several rad colorways to choose from. For this year, it's been re-engineered with XCEL's new Channel Flex textile for unrestricted mobility. If you’re looking for something a touch plusher than the Axis, profiled above, the Comp X fits that bill. The chest zip will keep more water out during duck dives and bails, and a long list of premium material features make this the best high-performance short sleeve full suit on the market.

ThicknessEntry StyleOriginal Price
2 mmChest Zip$234.95

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The Selection Process:

Our surf buyer has an endless amount of knowledge on all things surfing stemming from years of experience in the surf industry in tandem with their countless hours out in the water catching waves around the world. evo's buyers assess all products coming to market, lean into this knowledge, and put together this selection of the best products. They have a unique perspective as they truly see everything offered across the category.

Stew Langner

Hi! My name is Stew Langner, and I am a Surf Buyer here at evo.  While I didn’t grow up on an oceanic coast, my love for water stems back to my home in Northern Michigan.  Board sports are one of my true loves, and once I moved to the coast, surfing was welcomed into my life. I started surfing at Rockaway Beach NYC in the summer of 2009. The warm mellow waves and fish tacos had me hooked! The following year I moved to Washington and began working for evo. I’ve worked my way up through the store, selling boards on the floor, to the evo HQ and managing our surf business. The cold-water surf here in Washington is not for the light of heart, however, like the rugged coastline, it builds a hearty character and appreciation for those perfect surf days.