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The 9 Best Mountain Bike Tires of 2023

By: Colin Edwards: Bike Buyer | July 12, 2023

A mountain bike is a collection of interfaces. Your grips, pedals, and saddle allow your body to interface with the bike, your brakes interface with their rotors, and most importantly, your tires interface with the trail. Ideally, they’re the one thing that’s actually connecting your body to the trail, allowing you to climb, corner, descend, and jump. So having the right mountain bike tires makes a huge difference. It’s hard to overstate how big the difference between the best mountain bike tires and lesser options is. But there’s no one size fits all tire solution, so instead, you need to think about your trails and goals, and look for tires optimized for them

This list of the best mountain bike tires includes options for every type of rider, with a huge variety of tread patterns, casing constructions, and rubber compounds. All of those elements combine to define a tire’s performance. So we’ve included a broad spectrum of tires, everything from XC race ready lightweight rubber, to beefy tires that are bike park ready. Now it’s up to you to get new tires, and get out there and ride!

For more on how to choose the best mountain mountain bike tires for you please see our helpful mountain bike tire guide.

Maxxis Minion DHR II Tire - 27.5

Maxxis Minion

Strap up with the legendary grip of the Maxxis Minion Tire. One of the most trusted trail and enduro tires on the market combined with 3C Maxx Terra hybrid compound, all shaped into a wide casing for reliable performance in a wide range of conditions. Available in the EXO 60tpi for a lighter weight trail option, and DD 120tpi for the enduro rider that needs some extra umph from their tires.

DisciplineOriginal Price
Enduro/DH/Trail$82.00 - $112.00

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Maxxis Dissector Tire - 27.5

Maxxis Dissector

Aussie DH pro Troy Brosnan practically lives on the podium, rarely out of the mix at any race he enters. His new signature tire, the Maxxis Dissector Tire, is as versatile as he is. It has fast rolling center knobs that keep you buzzing down the trail, and large side blocks that hook up in any conditions - especially dry and dusty. With EXO+ protection, these are tough enough for enduro and downhill chunk, but they're not as heavy as a pure DH tire so you can pedal them too.

DisciplineOriginal Price
Enduro / All-Mountain, Downhill (DH)$88.00 - $106.00

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Maxxis Ardent Tire - 29

Maxxis Ardent - 29"

With a Maxxis Ardent Tire on your bike, you're set up for success. Whether front or back, trail or XC, slapping one of these babies on a hoop means you'll experience an efficient forward roll without sacrificing too much cornering stability. This is a tire for reasonable folks who pedal their bikes in the mountains.

DisciplineOriginal Price

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Maxxis Aggressor Tire - 29

Maxxis Aggressor - 29"

The Maxxis Aggressor Tire is a modern trail tire for riders that want aggressive traction and corner hold with a durable casing and low rolling resistance.

DisciplineOriginal Price
Cross Country (XC), Trail, Enduro / All-Mountain$82.00 - $106.00

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Maxxis Assegai Tire - 27.5

Maxxis Assegai - 27.5"

Named after the spears of fearsome Zulu warriors, the Maxxis Assegai Wide Trail Tire is a downhill beast ready to attack the mountain. Maxxis' 3C MaxxGrip compound offers excellent grip for the full range of trail conditions you'll encounter from dust to glop, plus confidence inducing traction over wet roots and rocks. Tall side lugs deliver solid and predictable bite while cornering, while an overall more rounded profile makes for smooth transitions from the side to the center portion of the tread. Grab yourself some Maxxis Assegai Wide Trail Tires and fly!

DisciplineOriginal Price
Downhill (DH)$82.00 - $112.00

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Maxxis Rekon Tire - 29

Maxxis Rekon - 29"

The XC race tire that's made for trail riding, the Maxxis Rekon Tire is a great choice for summer riding. Designed for hard-packed to loose terrain, the Rekon is known for consistent grip and fast-rolling, and you'll see it on front and rear wheels. For XC and trail bikes, it's hard to be faster than a Rekon: choose the compound and casing that suits your trails and rip!

DisciplineOriginal Price
Cross Country (XC), Trail$96.00

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Continental Xynotal Tire - 29

Continental Xynotal - 29"

Optimized for hardpack and rocky surfaces, the Continental Xynotal Tire has low rolling resistance and extra grip, so you can stay on the trail and feel confident through corners that all your buddies lose grip on.

DisciplineOriginal Price
Trail, Enduro / All-Mountain, Downhill (DH)$64.95 - $99.95

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Continental Argotal Tire - 29

Continental Argotal - 29"

Ideal for loose terrain and hitting sharp corners, the Continental Argotal Tire provides grippy stability thanks to its signature Black Chili multi-compound and easy to clean open tread pattern.

DisciplineOriginal Price
Trail, Enduro / All-Mountain, Downhill (DH)$64.95 - $94.95

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Continental Kryptotal-F Tire - 27.5

Continental Kryptotal-F - 27.5"

Designed specifically for your front wheel, the Continental Kryptotal-F Tire has a mix of grip, rolling resistance, and power when you brake. Hit the road on mixed terrain for a great day in the saddle.

DisciplineOriginal Price
Trail, Enduro / All-Mountain, Downhill (DH)$64.95 - $84.95

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